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12 Months of Testimonials from the Noni Farm Tour

By: Lola Frailey Tuesday January 5, 2016 comments Tags: Noni farm tour, free noni farm tour, noni testimonials

noni farm tour

Did you know you can take a free tour of our certified organic family Noni farm on Kauai? All you have to do is get to Kauai (as if you need an excuse!) and give us a call to book your tour! We offer tours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10am, and they take just 2.5 hours.

According to the overwhelmingly positive reviews on our TripAdvisor page, it’s well worth the trip. We wanted to pull out our favorite TripAdvisor reviews from the year, one from each month. Check them out if you’re interested in coming to visit us! You’ll learn a ton about noni, get to see a beautiful organic farm, and spot some local wildlife!

December — Learned about more plants than just the noni! Very informative.

“Saw the trees, in different stages of ripeness and growth. Saw trees and plants, worm farm and worm tea, ate a star fruit — so good! — tasted Noni tea, noni fruit leather and bit a Noni fruit, and tried the products. Good, interesting tour. Low pressure - products are available, but you can go and walk away if you wish.”

November — If you are looking for something unique and different...

“Steve gave an excellent presentation on what the Noni fruit is, and what it can do for you. The plantation is simply gorgeous tucked away in the northeast portion of the island. We had a great time there and everyone there was quite friendly. Trying out the Noni now, including our two dogs. Take the tour!!! Thanks again, Steve, Lola and Dylan!”

October — The Highlight of our Kauai Vacation

"On our recent two week vacation in Kauai, my wife and I took the free tour of the family operated Organic and Sustainable Noni Plantation. Steve Frailey, owner, is extremely knowledgeable regarding organic and sustainable farming. The information we gathered can be used by anyone who wants to grow organically and eat healthy foods. The family has developed a technique to produce raw Noni fruit leather which has many health benefits. We are trying the Noni products and the early results indicate a positive change in our health. We highly recommend this tour!!"

September — Extremely interesting site to visit on Kauai off the beaten track

“In a very casual and comfortable setting we sat entranced by Steve''s explanation of all the various benefits of the Noni Fruit, as well as hearing how he processes the fruit into Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lotions organically.

After the short ''class'' we went outside and Steve showed us how he makes his own compost using worms! Then we went up to the fruit orchard & Steve''s dog came bounding over to us like an excited puppy! But Steve told us his dog is almost 12 years-old and he explained how his pet products are also very beneficial to animals.

During his talk to us Steve told us that several American medical centres have studied the Noni Fruit and printed documents explaining its benefits in various ways. Many of these informative articles were available to us to take with us. Lola very kindly put together two packages of the info for us, one for us to read & the other for a friend who is a vet.”

August — All I can say is “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

“I learned so much more from Steve and could have spent more time listening to him. I also appreciated the organic farming tips that he shared with us. I am so excited about all the family members and friends that will benefit from Noni fruit leather and I brought enough home for them all to try. My husband has sore knees all the time. He has been hiking & hauling firewood & doesn''t have sore knees!! It''s amazing!!”

July — What a great learning experience

“My husband and I have been vacationing in Kauai for almost 20 years. We are always looking for something new and different to do. And, it was FREE. We saw this tour on the Kauai Visitor''s channel on TV. It was just a phone call to book a tour.

We had seen this tree with funny looking fruit for many years. Never thought this fruit has such incredible health benefits not only for human but also for our pets. We tasted the fruit (very unique) and tried their products as well. Steve and Dylan were awesome hosts!”

June — Do not miss this hidden gem!!!!


  • Pristine Nature @ it''s best!
  • Steve & Dylan patiently spending over 3 hours to talk and share their experiences about Noni
  • God''s gift carefully preserved and passed out for future generations!
  • Hardly any marketing fluff. Everything stated backed by scientific facts
  • Owners sticking to their beliefs to do good to mankind, and have not aggressively commercialized their great product range
  • Noni products have made an impact in a short span for my ailments”

May — Tour of Noni Farm

“First, the tour taught us about the benefits of composting, mulching, the use of worms, drip irrigation and adequate sunlight for producing a high yield of noni fruit - these considerations are applicable to all types of gardening.

Next, the description of how the noni fruit was processed left us with a lot of confidence in the final product. Then the anecdotal descriptions of noni''s health benefits were intriguing. Finally, touring the farm was a very pleasant way to spend part of our morning.

We would recommend this tour to anyone interested in alternative methods to improve health.”

April — Fun and educational too!

“What a great time we had here! Steve and his daughter Lola were fantastic tour guides and both have a deep passionate love for what they do, and for the Noni plant, and it shows. Steve is a wealth of information and knows what it means to be a true organic farmer. The Noni plant is truly a wonderful thing and one of nature’s little known secrets.

This free farm tour is well worth your time and quite a unique experience. I would do it again and would not miss it. This was our first time to Kauai and I would place this tour in our top ten list of things to do on this beautiful island.”

March — Do not miss this one

“Fantastic tour of this noni plantation. Steve was informative and down to earth. I love gardening and healthful ideas so it was right up my alley but my husband was blown away with the tour and excited about the products and nature tips and just about everything that Steve had to say in this 2 1/2 hr. trip. And he was a little reluctant. After being home a few days, he loves what we bought and is hoarding it.”

February — Interesting and informative

“My husband, a friend and I took the Noni farm tour and were fascinated by this incredible fruit and its properties. The owner and staff are very knowledgeable, passionate and informative. Needless to say, we are now all taking the Noni leather for various reasons.”

January — Noni farm experience

“We knew nothing about Noni. By the time we left the farm, 2.5 hours later, our understanding of the fruit was greatly enhanced. Our tour guide, Dylan, was excellent. He had a wonderful sense of humor, pleasant personality and knew everything about his product.

There were eighteen people on the one hour tour that was preceded by a one hour inside presentation. Most of the group were so impressed with the health promoting possibilities that purchases were made for various products. There was absolutely no pressure to make sales to us.

After two weeks, I must admit that the products have improved areas of concern that I had in my body. If you have the time available, take the opportunity to learn about Noni.”

We look forward to another awesome year of tours in 2015!

Did you have a great experience touring our farm? Let us know in the comments!


Lola Frailey

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