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Albatross Breeding Season 2019

By: Steve Frailey Wednesday July 24, 2019 comments Tags: albatross hatching, albatross chicks, save the albatross, albatross



Nov 2018

They're Back! Keep an eye out for new photos of the nests and new chicks!


Dec 2018

We have 22 nests this year so far!!

Over the course of mid-November through early December the adult albatross have been arriving at the breeding area (the bluff in front of the noni orchards). Having spent the last 5-6 months at sea soaring and scavenging for squid off the coast of Alaska they’ve made their 3000 mile journey back to Kauai. The males typically arrive back first and eagerly await the arrival of their mate.

Remember - albatross pick a mate for life! After reconnecting, socializing and mating, the female gets ready to lay an egg and makes the important selection of nest placement on the bluff. Gathering pine needles and grass clippings from her immediate surroundings, she builds protection for their soon to be laid egg. We have some really impressive nest sizes this year….or nest thrones!


You may have noticed we have 5 less nests this year than last year. There are two possible reasons.

First off, albatross pairs will breed for 3 to 5 consecutive seasons and then take a year off to rest and recuperate. These birds will still be out at sea.

Secondly, is the unfortunate possibility that some may have perished at sea, either by shark, health or long line fishing.

We are most definitely happy with 22 pairs, we started with just three pairs many years ago. After fencing in the 5 acre breeding area to protect the albatross from dogs, the colony has grown each year. Lola has taken some great photos of the impressive nests this year, enjoy!


Below is a link you might enjoy about our albatross and Wisdom, an albatross in Midway Island that is the oldest known bird in the wild.

You will always find the past 3 years posting about our Albatross colony with lots of photos and information on our website.

Go to “Media” in the top tool bar and click on Albatross Chicks.. Do not forget about our upcoming Name that Chick Contest in March after the chicks start hatching. 

Do you remember “Elvis” – last years winner?



Click here to learn more about the Albatross!

Feb 2019

Albatross Update:

We have been eagerly awaiting for the first of this season’s chicks to hatch! The incubation period for Laysan albatross is approximately 60 to 65 days and hatch time has arrived. One by one the chicks have started breaking free of their eggshell. The adorable chicks weigh about 7 ounces at hatching and are covered in a fluffy gray-white down. So far 15 chicks have hatched!!! Next month we will post to Facebook our top four favorite chicks and will need your help in selecting which chick will be the star of our annual Name That Chick Contest. Stay posted and enjoy the photos!

Elvis was the winning name for the albatross chick in last year’s Name That Chick Contest.  He’s out at sea somewhere off the coast of Alaska flying, soaring and eating squid with his buddies. He won’t be back to the farm hillside to pick up his fan mail for another few years so we thought we’d share it with you all. Evan and his family took our farm tour last summer and have been enjoying our albatross updates ever since. Evan, who’s 8 years old and a very talented artist, drew Elvis in his egg and as a hatchling. A huge mahalo (thank you) to the Klish Family for sharing Evan’s art for us and everyone to enjoy!!

March 2019

Albatross hatching season is complete!  There are 18 new adorable chicks have joined the colony. Day by day the chicks have been getting bigger and are too big to be sat on by mom or dad. Both parents are having to fly further out to sea each day to forage for food for their quickly growing chick. Soon mom and dad will both be gone for days at a time as they fly the approx 2,500 miles to the oceans off Alaska to gorge on squid and return back 2,500 miles with a delicious squid smoothie. Both parents will be required to do this any day now through mid July when the chick will be fully grown and ready to fledge...just imagine the frequent flyer miles each parent racks up each breeding season!

Without further ado we have some super cute and adorable new photos of the chicks! And we need your help selecting which chick will be the star of our annual Name That Chick contest! We’ve narrowed it down to our four favorite chicks and now it’s your turn to help us select which lucky chick is going to get an awesome name this year by one of you! But first we have to select a chick!


As promised, here are the most recent photos from the nesting grounds on the bluff near our Organic Noni Farm.

Stay turned for more albatross chick updates, and later this month help us select which chick will star in our annual "Name That Chick Contest"!



Enjoy the newest video of the chicks!


April 2019

Exciting news!! Chick A received the most votes :)

Now it’s the time many of you have been eagerly awaiting….our annual Name That Chick Contest. The winning name will receive a noni gift parcel with a packet of Noni Fruit Leather 2oz and a bottle of each the 4oz Noni Lavender and IcyHeat Noni lotions. 

Can’t wait to see this year’s submissions!

(This contest is now closed. Thank you for your participation!)



May 2019

And the winning name is: Spike!!!

It was another fun family dinner with much debating, discussion, friendly votes and of course many desserts. We each selected our top 10 names and from there we chose the top 5, and finally narrowed the selection down to the consensus top 5. After looking at Chick A's photo again we all agreed Spike is very fitting! And we also have a nickname this year, Spikey! Many mahalos to to everyone for the many, many, fine name suggestions (9 pages of possible names).

We were blown away by the number of "Spike" name submissions and also felt "Spikey" was a fitting nickname.

This year we have 12 winners: Jessica, Jeffrey, Debbie, Maggie, Bob, Cyndy, Bill, Gail, Marlene, Mary, Eunice and Lolita

Each winner will receive the following free products:
A 2oz Noni Fruit Leather and a bottle of each 4oz lotion (Noni Lavender Lotion & IcyHeat Noni Lotion).

Click here to read more about the albatross

June 2019

Spike and the rest of this season’s albatross chicks are quickly gaining their big bird adult flying feathers. Most of their grey feather fluff has been shed and they are proudly displaying their new beautiful black and white feathers. In a little over a month Spike and his buddies will be fledging for Alaska. Lately they have begun standing against the ocean breeze with their wings outstretched…testing their new feathers in anticipation of their first flight.

July 2019

After spending the last few weeks practicing little sprints and jumps into the air testing their wings the chicks began fledging. Not all together but one by one over a period of a few weeks. Each chick takes flight solo and flies north 2,000 miles to the ocean off Alaska. It’s here where they will spend the next 3 to 4 years soaring, floating in the ocean, eating squid and never touching land. Those that survive these years at sea will GPS the 2,000 miles back to the hillside they were born, here on the farm bluff. An amazing act of nature. In 3 to 4 years we will eagerly be watching for Spike’s return! 

Click here for a recap of this year’s breeding season!

Safe travels at sea Spike!


Check out this video of Spike testing his wings!

Steve Frailey

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