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Albatross Breeding Season 2022

By: Lola Frailey Wednesday November 17, 2021 comments Tags: albatross, protect the albatross, albatross chicks


Nov 2021

Our first arrivals are here!!

Early Sunday morning there were two, then four, by the next evening thirteen and as of today 15. 

Who are these majestic sea birds? They are the Laysan albatross. The adult male birds almost always arrive first and patiently await the arrival of their female mate. 

She may keep him waiting a day, a week, or even two weeks before she arrives. But when she does her mate is ecstatic. On his feet squealing and bobbing up and down in delight at just the sight of her gliding by to line up for landing. Before her webbed feet have touched the ground he is waddling at sprinting speed in her direction! This is the first time they've seen each other in months, since the closure of last nesting season.

Remember Curious Al?

He gained quick fame last season becoming the first albatross to ever touchdown in the noni orchards. Many of you loved watching the video of him waddling over 3000 feet right on Lola's heels back to his mate waiting on the bluff. Watch the rescue mission here

Happy to report he has not repeated this stressful oversight. This season he was one of the first two males back. His mate rewarded him and arrived the very next day to reunite. Last season they took the year off from chick rearing but this season they are wasting no time. They snuggled, preened and reconnected. On our afternoon bluff check she appeared to be giving him her final nest prep instructions. Then they nuzzled each other's necks, clicked their bills together and off she strutted to the bluff's edge and took flight. 

Almost a sure sign that they've confidently mated. She will be at sea feeding until she has enough food energy to grow an egg. Upon returning she will grow and lay one egg the size of a soda can in just about 24 hours time. Incredible! Hopefully Curious Al gets busy on their nest site prep, aka lots and lots of pine needles to pile. Stay tuned as it looks like Curious Al and his mate are in the running for first egg lay of the season in our colony. 

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We are so EXCITED to share this albatross season with you!

Lola Frailey

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