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Discover the Birthplace of Hawaiis Superfood - Sunrise Organic Farm

By: Eric Erickson Wednesday November 6, 2013 comments Tags: Organic Farm, organic farming, Noni farm tour

On the pristine shores of Kauai, the northernmost edge of the Hawaiian Islands, turtles, whales, and dolphins thrive in the deep blue waters. Nearby, on a rocky bluff, the Hawaiian Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lavender Lotion owner Steve Frailey has been operating this fully-organic family noni farm for over three decades, and he and his family welcome you to come and take a visit.

Being an organic farmer for over 40 years we have learned from experience how to grow healthy potent noni. We at Hawaiian Organic Noni produce organic/sustainably grown noni that goes into our products with real health benefits and maximum potency.  Noni Fruit Leather, Noni Lotions and Noni Bio Bandage for people and pets are the result of an innovative, low-heat (below 115F) dehydration process that preserves the highest possible concentration of noni’s natural enzymes and vital nutrients. These enzymes and vital nutrients are the basis for a superfruit that has been used in Hawaii and Polynesia for centuries to feed the cells of the body for overall health and wellness. As I always say on the tour: “Is noni a miracle? No. Does noni promote overall good health? Absolutely, if the potency of the pulp is not destroyed in processing”.

Down on the Farm

The secret to Steve’s success is a holistic process of cultivation that upkeeps the fruit growth and the land that it comes from. His no-till farming technique and the use of organic vegetative matter allow the noni to thrive year-round where a ten-month cycle is standard. Worms are used in composting to significantly reduce waste and run-off. But, the self-sustaining practices don’t stop there. Here are some of the things you’ll witness when you take the noni farm tour:

  • Well-water for irrigation – Steve uses his own wells for irrigation, creating a regenerative water supply that helps preserve his most precious resource
  • Solar-voltaic energy to pump water – Conserving electricity, the Solar-voltaic system at Sunrise Organic Farm captures the power of sun to draw well-water for irrigation
  • Windmills for electrical power– The cultivation of noni and the production of noni products utilize wind power to eliminate excessive electricity usage

What Else You Can Expect

When you visit Sunrise Organic Farm, you will gain an in depth understanding of why the Polynesians and Hawaiians have valued the benefits of raw noni fruit for thousands of years. You will not only be able to see the innovative, self-sustaining, organic farming practices that go into bringing you the power of raw noni, you will sample the farm's products that promote overall good health, soothe skin irritations, give relief to sore muscles, and promote younger-looking skin. You may even see a turtle, whale, dolphin or two. Reserve your spot for the noni farm tour today! Click here to learn more

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