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Ease Back to School Jitters

By: Lola Frailey Wednesday August 1, 2018 comments Tags: healthy living, healthy eating

Ready for the new school year to begin?! Whether this year is Pre-K or College for your child, there are some things loving parents can do for their children to ensure a smooth transition into the new school year.

Sleep Schedule

Establish a bedtime and wake-up routine approximately 2 weeks prior to the big day. By the time the first day of class begins, children will more likely be ready to wake up on time. To read more about a restful sleep click here.

Meet the Teachers

Find time to connect one-on-one with your child’s teacher(s). At the very least, find a picture of your child's teachers online. A familiar face can help ease your child’s fears/anxieties. If possible, email your child’s teachers introducing yourself and include any concerns you may have. As with anything, prevention is key and the more information your child (and teacher) has the better.

School Lunches and Snacks

Currently, child obesity is an alarming 19% and climbing. The healthier the meals and snacks consumed at home, the more likely your child will make similar choices at school. To learn more about healthy eating click here.

Set up a School Supply Area

Find a central spot to store everything school related. Be sure to include: backpacks, sports uniforms, backup school supplies, a dry erase calendar for school events and outings, scarves, boots, paper, Kleenex ect. Try to keep this area free of non-school clutter so your child can find what they need quickly. Also, encouraging your child to personalize the area will make the space feel their own.

Talk to your children about bullying

In this digital age, research shows one in three kids experience bullying at some point in their school career. Unfortunately, the consequences of bullying have led to an increase of teen suicide. Please, please, speak to your children about the correct way to treat their peers, and when to speak up if they see someone else being bullied. Always make yourself available if your child ever feels they are being bullied. If your child is an introvert, having a safe space where your child can record their feelings and fears to be shared with you later keeps the lines of communication open. When it comes to bullying, prevention and open communication is essential.

Ask your Children

Speaking of talking to your children, take some time to see if your children has any anxieties before the school year begins. Giving your children an opportunity to express themselves gives you an idea what they are currently experiencing and work through any obstacles before it becomes stressful. Click here to manage stress naturally.

Tour the Facility

If your child’s school hosts an open house, be sure to attend. Familiarizing your child with their new environment will help avoid first day school jitters. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the teacher(s), locate classroom(s), understand the pickup/drop off schedules, and tour the cafeteria and playground(s). This can refresh your child’s memory and ease back to school butterflies.

Connect with friends

A familiar face can make all the difference when returning to school. Rekindling last year’s recess playmates’/relationship(s) before school starts by scheduling a play date or initiating a school carpool.

School Supplies

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Obtain your child’s class supply list and take a special back to school shopping trip. Allow for a couple of school supply splurges: a fancy binder or set of colorful pens. These special items can make going back to school more enjoyable. When possible, opt for recycled supplies to lower your carbon footprint. To learn 9 ways to save water click here.

Side Note: Let your child practice using supplies that are unfamiliar such as a protractor or graphic calculator. This can make your child more comfortable using these supplies when school starts.

The Day Before School Starts  

Have your child choose their first day outfit, pack their school bags, gym bag, lunch, and snacks before they go to sleep that night. Purchase lunch boxes or reusable bags to help lower your carbon footprint. Click here for morning routine tips.

Be Positive

Use positive phrases such as: You can play after your homework is done. Instead of: You can’t play until your homework is finished. Child not in a good mood? Click here.

May this year back to school be the best one yet! Have additional tips? Share them below!



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