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Fight Aging and Look Good Doing It - Skin Rejuvenation from Hawaiian Organic Noni

By: Eric Erickson Thursday August 22, 2013 comments Tags: natural skin care, noni for skin, natural sunburn treatment

Aging is a natural part of life, but why can't we use the earth's natural gifts to protect the youthful appearance of our skin for as long as we can? Hawaiians have used raw noni to protect their skin from the degenerative effects of aging for centuries. Now Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lavender lotion can help people around the world to maintain healthy skin the organic way.

Promote Healthy Skin and Soothe Skin Irritations

A Hawaiian Organic Noni’s products are not only a defense against aging. The same enzymes that can keep you looking young can also soothe skin irritations. Morinda Citrifolia (noni fruit) has been established as a safe alternative to other skin creams. 

The Journal of Medical Foods reported on research that brought the power of noni to light. In 2005, the Coreana Skin Science Research Center in Korea discovered that noni up-regulates the body’s uptake of type 1 collagen and glycosaminoglycans. These are among the building blocks of healthy skin, the body’s natural way of rejuvenating the skin and reducing the effects of aging.

Two Ways to Sooth Skin Irritation and Look Younger

On the rocky shores of Kauai, the folks at Hawaiian Organic Noni use their organically grown noni fruit in all of their products including Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lavender Lotion. Each of these products have amazing potential when it comes to protecting your skin from the effects of aging.

  • Noni Fruit Leather – Using only organic dried noni, this product can be used as a natural health supplement. It has antioxidant power greater than fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, or grapes, and this incredible immune booster can help support a healthy response to inflammation, along with the providing a natural source of potent antioxidants for the body. 
  • Noni Lavender Lotion – An organic way to topically soothe and rejuvenate your skin. This product can be used regularly to promote skin clarity, tone and texture, or to soothe skin irritations. 

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