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Fight Aging with the Skin-Tightening Power of Noni

By: Lola Frailey Tuesday February 9, 2016 comments Tags: natural skin care, noni for skin, noni ORAC value, phytochemicals, organic skin care

Looking for an all organic way to keep your skin youthful and healthy as you age? Noni, a unique tropical fruit that contains over 165 beneficial compounds, is the superfood you’ve been looking for.

Eating noni fruit, as well as applying our noni lotion formulas to the skin, helps your body create, protect, and renew youthful skin. Noni works over time by improving collagen levels, providing abundant antioxidants, and providing the micronutrients your skin needs to create healthy new cells.

In particular, the skin-tightening power of noni has the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines while restoring a more healthy, youthful skin texture.

Why Skin Loosens As We Age

To understand why noni is so effective at tightening skin, you first have to understand why skin tends to loosen as we get older.

Collagen and elastin are the two compounds that keep your skin firm. As we age, our bodies slow down production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Genetics plays a big role, but even larger factors are related to your lifestyle.

Lifestyle Factors Contributing to Skin Sagging

  • Loss of muscle tone due to lack of exercise
  • Sun damage over your lifetime
  • Buildup of dead skin cells
  • Dry skin
  • Poor diet and nutrition

How Noni Fruit Can Help

Noni, whether taken internally in the form of Noni Fruit Leather, or applied topically in the form of Noni Lavender Lotion, helps to address every one of the lifestyle factors mentioned above.


A major cause of sagging skin is loss of muscle tone. This often happens as we age, our daily activity level decreases and motivating ourselves to exercise becomes a struggle. This energy loss unfortunately coincides with reduced ability to build and maintain muscle tone.

The first effect most people notice when they start taking Noni Fruit Leather every day is an energy and mood boost. Don’t underestimate the power of a little extra energy when you’re trying to motivate yourself to build muscle! Just taking a long, brisk walk each day can firm up your skin with muscles.

Sun Damage

Over time, sun exposure does all kinds of damage to the skin. A common effect is leathery, discolored skin, covered with fine lines. The skin often loosens as the sun speeds the breakdown of collagen, which you need for firm skin.

Noni promotes improved skin tone and texture because it’s so high in antioxidants, which can neutralize the free radicals unleashed by the radiation of the sun. Noni Fruit Leather scores higher in ORAC value (units used to measure antioxidants) per serving than apples, berries, and even other superfoods like acai. Independent research has shown our Noni Fruit Leather to have one of the highest antioxidant levels per serving size of any raw food. One 2x2 inch piece of Noni Fruit Leather has 6024 ORAC

Buildup of Dead Skin Cells

As we age, our bodies get less efficient about shedding and sloughing off dead skin cells. This can cause skin to look dull, can increase the appearance of fine lines, and can even cause skin to sag. Most exfoliants are too harsh for aging skin, and may actually make the problem worse.

Luckily, Noni Lavender Lotion is an extremely gentle but effective exfoliant. All you have to do is rub the lotion into the skin until small brown balls form on the surface. Those are balls of dead skin, dirt and excess oil being shed away without any harsh chemicals.

Dry Skin

Noni hydrates dry skin with tons of emollient ingredients that soothe the skin, without the need for the oils and waxes other lotions rely on.

Diet & Nutrition

Despite the fact that Americans are eating more and more calories, we’re getting less and less nutrition in our food, including antioxidants and other phytonutrients we need to hold aging at bay. In particular, the decrease in raw food we eat may be contributing to this problem.

Noni is such a powerful superfood because it contains over 165 vital beneficial compounds, including enzymes that can only survive in raw food. Our Noni Fruit Leather is a raw food, containing all the benefits of raw noni fruit fresh from the tree.

Restores Collagen Production

In research presented in the 2005 Journal of Medicinal Food, Coreana Skin Science Research Center found that noni extract actually increased production of collagen. The compound responsible is a plant chemical in the anthraquinone group. It works by reducing an enzyme that breaks down skin collagen, which is made of protein strands. Noni also contains selenium, which preserves skin elasticity.

According to the researchers, “noni extract is a good candidate for use as a new anti-wrinkle agent due to its strong induction of biosynthetic activity of extracellular matrix components.”

How to Get Noni

Because anti-aging is such a lucrative industry, we aren't surprised that skincare product companies and many others have tried to jump on the noni bandwagon once the evidence started coming in to support the traditional wisdom.

Many products advertised today do contain noni, but they use such minuscule portions that it barely has any effect. Plus, many products use noni juice which is less than half as potent as Noni Fruit Leather. Don’t expect to receive great anti-aging or beautifying results for your skin where noni is only a minor component.

Noni is best used as a raw whole food, even when it’s used topically. That’s why our Noni Fruit Leather is made of 100% raw non-fermented organic noni pulp, and our lotions contain over 90% Noni Fruit Leather. No other noni products are as pure or as effective at stopping aging in its tracks.

Noni just doesn’t lend itself well to fermentation, pasteurization, and other processing. Many of the noni products sold today are devoid of potent phytochemical activity because of how they were processed. But not Hawaiian Organic Noni’s products. On our organic family farm we grow, pick and process all of our noni for maximum potency- not fermented and low heat processed below 115F.

How to Apply Noni as an Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

In addition to eating a dose or two of Noni Fruit Leather every day, you can supplement its power with Noni Lavender Lotion. Here are two ways to make the most of this lotion.

Face Treatment:

Apply to the whole face, neck, and other areas of concern 1-2 times per day. Around the eyes, mouth and other highly impacted areas, you may want to leave a thicker coat of lotion on your skin for several minutes before rubbing it in.

Hand Treatment:

Your hands can be one of the first areas to show aging. There’s very little fat on the backs of your hands, so when collagen begins to break down, there’s no buffer. Treatments that increase collagen, moisturize the skin, and improve skin tone can make a big difference.

Noni Lavender Lotion is a great option. Apply a thick coat of noni lotion to damp hands, giving them a good massage for about 30 seconds. Relax your hands, and let the lotion sink in for up to several minutes. You can rinse off the excess, or rub the formula on another part of your body.

Has noni helped you tighten your skin and fight aging? Let us know in the comments!

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