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Health Benefits of Raw Food Noni

By: Steve Frailey Wednesday December 19, 2012 comments Tags: noni health benefits


A long time ago several thousand years, at least the South Seas islanders had a wonderful God-given fruit growing in their paradise that became a staple of healthy diets. Not only is noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia) good for skin irritations and skin rejuvenation when applied topically, but it acts as an immune booster, energizer, and supports a healthy response to inflammation when consumed. Yet, for a long time and still today, noni lovers are presented with a curious problem. The fruit is delicate and susceptible to damage from even normal handling. It cannot last through the entire journey to the time of consumption, so it was almost always consumed locally. Outside of the South Seas very few of the rest of the world knew much about noni.

Steve Frailey

About the Author: Steve Frailey

My wife and I (Steve Frailey) moved to Kauai, Hawaii in 1982 from our organic farm in California. There were no roads, electricity, water or buildings but lots of Noni trees (Morinda Citrifolia) in our valley. We also developed a deep relationship with Noni that was growing all through our valley.  Today we run our Hawaiian Organic Noni farm, and share the gift of health with people throughout the world.