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Holistic Pet Care: Man's Best Friend and Noni Fruit

By: Lola Frailey Wednesday May 3, 2017 comments Tags: noni for pets, holistic pet care, organic pet care

Thousands of years ago, before Google, smart phones, and the kitchen sink, humans developed a unique bond with a very special animal. A bond so unique that this animal was labeled as "man's best friend". Domesticated dogs are more than herding, pulling sleds, and guarding our loved ones. They are a member of our family.


The domestic dog is a member of genus canis sharing the same genetics as the gray wolf. Archaeological records show the first undisputed dog remains buried beside humans were approximately 14,700 years ago.


We love our most beloved pet! But what are they trying to tell us?

  • Ears erect and sometimes the head will tilt to one side. Tail can be upright and wagging. Ready to listen to you.
  • Re­laxed face with loosely pulled back ears and a wagging tail.  Happy to see you!
  • Ears are laid back with the tail is hang­ing down. This may be accompanied with growling and snarling. Visitor beware.
  • Front half of body is crouched to the ground while keep­ing the rear end up. Quick high pitched yips followed by jumping up and down means your dog wants to play!
  • Dog's body is as low to the ground as possible with ears drawn back and tail tucked between the back legs. This pose can be accompanied by peeing. Please don't punish your dog for this. It only confuses them as they are trying to please you and show you're the boss.


For hundreds of years, domesticated dogs have been bred var­i­ous be­hav­iors and phys­i­cal at­trib­utes. These can include herd­ing animals, (col­lies and shepherds), hunt­ing and retrieving (point­ers, hounds, retrievers,and terriers),  guard­ing and defense (mas­tiffs, chows, doberman pinschers), assisting fish­er­men (New­found­lands, poo­dles), pulling loads and sledding (huskies, St. Bernard's), guard­ing car­riages and horse­men (dal­ma­tians), com­pan­ion dogs (Pekingese, and other small breeds), police force and military (shepherds), service dogs (labs, and retrievers).

Do­mes­tic dogs have a ges­ta­tion pe­riod of approximately 9 weeks. Litters can size any­where from 1 to 10 or more puppies depending on the breed. Mother dogs nurse and care for puppies until they are at approximately 8 to 10 weeks of age.

Caring for your best friend:

  • Pup­pies need approximately twice as many calories than if they were an adult. Some human foods that are fatal to dogs are onions, and choco­late. Some dogs are even allergic to corn and wheat. A lot of health problems can be prevented and controlled with a high quality diet and being consistent with your choice of dog food. There are a variety of high quality foods available that are specially geared toward diabetes, weight control, even food allergies.
  • Puppies need lots of attention. Just like children, they have short attention spans and need to be reminded regularly when to go outside for potty. Children and puppies do have accidents, be patient with them.
  • Teeth brushing or dental treats. Dogs grow bacteria in their mouths just like people do. Start brushing your dog's teeth at a young age to prevent tooth decay and disease.
  • Just like people, muscles can deteriorate if you dog doesn't use them. Exercise is a great way to maintain weight not only for you but for your four-legged companion as well.
  • Regular vet visits. Prevention is key for all things and your dog's health is no exception. The sooner a health problem is detected, the better the chances and not to mention it could mean a cheaper vet visit as well.
  • Speaking of prevention noni fruit is an excellent raw superfood for holistic pet care. Feeding the Noni Fruit Leather daily to your dog promotes overall good health, wellness and energy. Noni fruit is also excellent for anti-inflammatory and pain relief due to the 165 natural compounds found in this amazing fruit. Using the Pet Noni Lotion topically promotes healthy looking skin, good hair and coat texture. 

Noni Fruit Leather is an certified organic raw food. You give it to your kids and spouse. Why not give it to your dog? Here and Hawaiian Organic Noni we only give you the best! Not only for you but your best friend too!


Lola Frailey

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