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Holistic Pet Care Rodents: Are they the best pet?

By: Lola Frailey Wednesday May 10, 2017 comments Tags: holistic pet care, noni for rodents, noni for pets, organic pet care

When people refer to 'furry four legged friend', they are usually referring to dogs or cats. Not to worry my friends! We haven't forgotten the other furry four legged friend. Rodents! Read below to see which species may be right for you.


Hamsters are one of the most popular pets in the rodent genre.
Syrian hamsters are the most common species growing up to 5
inches in length and usually live 2-3 years. Hamsters can tend
to nip at their owners unless handled frequently when young.
Being nocturnal, hamsters won't provide much for entertainment
during the day. However, hamsters make excellent late night study
companions for college midterms.


Gerbils can live between 2-4 years and grow up to 8 inches long
tail included. Gerbils have broader heads, smaller ears, and a slimmer
torso compared to hamsters and have the tendency to nip if not handled
regularly. Gerbils are active during the day which may work best for
elementary and middle school children.


Mice can live 1-2 years and grow up to 4-6 inches long. Mice are one
of the smallest rodents to enjoy as a pet. Mice aren't fans of being
handled. Starting young gives you the best chance of taming your mice.
Similar to hamsters, mice are nocturnal and love to chew. Give them
plenty of toys and spaces to play to keep them happy and healthy.


Rats can live approximately 2-3 years. Besides being physically larger,
rats appear very similar to mice. Rats can grow up to 10 inches long
from its nose to tail. Domesticated rats make wonderful pets as they
enjoy being held. Rats are very curious and can even learn simple tricks
with consistency and patience!

Guinea Pigs:

Guinea pigs can live 5-8 years and weigh up to 2 pounds! Guinea pigs
can have short, long, or curly hair. Guinea pigs have fuller bodies, fuller
faces, and are tailless compared to gerbils and rats. Guinea pigs rarely nip,
are very sociable, and enjoy being handled compared to most other rodents.
Bear in mind, due to their larger size guinea pigs require more cage space when considering them as a pet.


Chinchillas are known and loved for their luxurious coats. Chinchillas are
similar to a guinea pigs in weight and lifespan. Like guinea pigs, chinchillas
also require a lot of cage space growing up to 15 inches long.

Chinchillas can be affectionate when handled at a young age. Keep in mind
chinchillas are easily stressed if there is too much noise or activity (show
and tell may not be a good idea). Pet parents of chinchillas have to be very
involved or provide a second chinchilla as a playmate since chinchillas don’t
like to be left alone for long periods of time.


Similar to guinea pigs and chinchillas, hedgehogs can weigh up to 2 pounds.
Hedgehogs require gentle and consistent human interaction to become sociable.

Like chinchillas, hedgehogs are easily stressed and will curl into a tight little
ball facing their spines outward when feeling threatened. Once a hedgehog
is curled into this defensive position, it's nearly impossible to physically uncurl it. 
Hedgehogs do not contain pet dander making them an excellent
alternative to families with allergies.


With over 50 breeds to chose from, rabbits can live up to 10 years making
them an excellent long term companion. A rabbit's main source of nutrition
is fiber so give your rabbit access to grass regularly. Rabbits are very quiet
compared to cats and dogs making them perfect for apartment life.
rabbits have been known to develop strong bonds with their owners and
can even be litter and leash trained making them the cleanest of the rodent family.


We at Hawaiian Organic Noni are committed to holistic pet health and happiness. We genuinely hope that this blog was informative in assisting you to make the best possible decision on which pet best fits your lifestyle.

As with all holistic pet care, prevention is key to health and happiness. Tapping into the raw food power of noni fruit by utilizing Noni Fruit Leather for internal health and Noni Pet Lotion and Bio Bandage for external health, you can rest assured your other furry four legged friend will live a long and healthy life happily!


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