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How Noni Fruit Supports a Thriving Immune System

By: Lola Frailey Thursday April 28, 2016 comments Tags: scopoletin, raw food noni, natural antioxidants, noni for pain

Noni Fruit

When I look back at my overall health before I started eating noni fruit every day, and then compare it to my health today, one benefit that really sticks out is the effect it’s had on my immune system. And I’m not alone! Many people report that after taking noni for a few weeks, they feel the boost in their immune system, energy levels and overall sense of well being. 

If you’ve been feeling run down this year, if you suffer seasonal and environmental threats, or if you eat a diet that promotes inflammation in the body (a diet high in grains, sugars, and processed foods), consider giving noni a try!

First, What’s Noni?

Noni is a tropical tree, also known as Morinda Citrifolia, that produces a very unusual fruit, packed full of beneficial enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phenols, and other micronutrients the body needs for optimum health. Over 165 compounds in the pulp of noni are believed to have benefits for the human body. As raw food, noni pulp feeds the cells of the body promoting overall good health.

One of these benefits is its impact on inflammation and the immune response.

How Your Immune System Works

First, a fact that you might not be aware of: the vast majority of your immune system is in your gut. That’s because most of the harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microbes come to us along with our food. Some of these bad guys are killed by the harsh environment of the stomach, and still more are repelled and killed in the intestines, with the help of beneficial bacteria that coexist happily.

But occasionally, a harmful microbe makes it through your semi-permeable intestinal lining and into your bloodstream — where only nutrients are supposed to go. At that time, it’s your immune system’s job to hunt down, isolate, and neutralize the microbe, then memorize it’s description so similar microbes can be killed more quickly in the future.

Immunity and the Foods We Eat

Our modern diet of processed foods interferes with this natural immune system in a variety of ways:

  • High sugar content supports harmful bacteria in the gut
  • Processed grains sometimes slip through into bloodstream and trigger inflammation
  • High levels of processed, hydrogenated seed & vegetable oils contain high levels of omega-6 fatty acids, which cause inflammation in the body
  • Food additives can damage endocrine system, resulting in unbalanced hormone levels
  • Chronic inflammation is linked to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and more

These problems are compounded by the fact that the excessive sugar, fat, and salt added to processed foods are designed by the food industry to increase cravings, addiction, and consumption per sitting.

What Can I Do?

The good news is, all of those effects are highly reversible. All you have to do is change the way you eat to a diet based on whole foods. As you try to reduce the number of foods you eat that harm your immune system, it’s just as important to eat the foods that you know will have the most beneficial impact. That includes noni fruit!

shopping-cartEnter Noni

Noni fruit has a number of benefits for your immune system, due to the large number of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and nutritious compounds found in the raw pulp of the fruit.

Remember: You can only get access to these beneficial compounds if you eat the noni pulp raw. That means either as fresh unfermented fruit, or as Noni Fruit Leather (a raw, organic product that keeps all the nutrients intact while increasing shelf-life). Noni juice is not raw — it’s fermented and pasteurized, and usually diluted and sweetened as well.

Gut Biota

Noni helps promote a healthy GI tract and function. The fruit contains damnacanthal and scopoletin, two compounds which have been shown to help support digestive health.

It also provides lots of support for the good bacteria in your gut, due to the high dietary fiber content.

Supports a Healthy Response to Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is essentially an immune system that never gets a chance to turn off. When that happens, the immune system becomes fatigued, and therefore less able to do its job. This can lead to poor wellness, low energy level and worsening of seasonal threats.

Noni’s high level of scopoletin helps support healthy inflammation levels in the body. Noni Fruit Leather contains 12x more scopoletin than noni juice. Adding Noni Fruit Leather as a raw food to your daily diet supports a healthy response to inflammation, boosts the immune system and promotes overall good health. 

Has noni helped your immune system become stronger and more resilient? Let us know in the comments!

Lola Frailey

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