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How to Enjoy a Diet Full of Superfoods

By: Steve Frailey Wednesday January 1, 2020 comments Tags: superfood, noni superfood, superveggies, superfruits

What is a superfood?

The term "superfood" is a fairly new term referring to foods that offer maximum nutritional benefits for minimal calories. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. We at Hawaiian Organic Noni are advocates when it comes to superfoods and how to best enjoy them. Try some of our favorites below!

Dark, leafy greens:
Dark leafy greens are full of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that help support the immune system. Our top choices are: spinach, kale, collards, and turnip greens.

How to enjoy them: Salads and wraps are our leafy greens go-to. You can also use greens instead of a bun on a burger if you’re looking for a low-carb route. If you’re not a fan of the bitter taste that comes with turnip greens, try our smoothie recipe here! This masks the bitter flavor while still getting the nutritional benefits.

Health tip: For maximum nutritional benefit, include a fruit or a vegetable every time you eat, including snack time.

Dark Chocolate and Cacao
Dark chocolate is high in flavonoids. Flavonoids are natural antioxidants that can support the cardiovascular system and the immune system.

How to enjoy them: Try to consume chocolate that is at least 65-70% cacao for maximum benefits. This is because most chocolates may have added ingredients like sugar and dairy that might negate the health benefits.

The skin of red grapes contain resveratrol and quercetin which supports the cardiovascular system and skin health.

How to enjoy them: Although wine does contain natural antioxidants, bear in mind that consuming the whole fruit provides the same benefits as well as additional fiber. 

Health tip: Be colorful! Are the colors of the majority of the food on your plate brown or beige? Dull colored or brown food usually means the antioxidant levels in your meal are going to be low. Try to incorporate foods rich color like beets, peppers, and berries.

Speaking of berries, they are naturally sweet, high in fiber, and high in antioxidants. You know what that means? Immune system support and free radical fighters!

How to enjoy them: We love eating berries right off the bush! Who needs added sugar when mother nature grows her own candy? We also enjoy adding fresh berries to yogurt, homemade granola, salads, and smoothies.

Cruciferous Veggies: 
Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower are an excellent sources of fiber, phytochemicals, and fat soluble vitamins.

How to enjoy them: Quick steam or stir-fry (another quick form of cooking) is our recommendation. However, don’t forget to add a healthy oil (like olive or avocado oil) to help your body absorb the fat soluble vitamins.

Tomatoes are renowned for being high in water soluble vitamin C and lycopene. Lycopene can help support healthy skin and fight free radicals.

How to enjoy them: Although tomatoes in my salad is my top choice, lycopene becomes more available (up to 30% more) for your body to use when the tomatoes are cooked. Click here for cook vs raw foods

Noni Fruit:
Noni Fruit contains over 165 beneficial compounds and has been used over the centuries by many cultures for health and wellness. Over the past 25 years, scientific research has shown noni fruit to be a superfood high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that feeds the cells of the body and promotes overall good health and wellness. 

How to enjoy them: To acquire maximum benefits, the beneficial properties lie in the pulp of raw noni fruit, not in fermented juices, dehydrated capsules or freeze dried capsules. Being that the health benefits lie in the pulp, is exactly why we spent years developing equipment that allows us to maintain that potency naturally. Our unique, low heat, dehydration process works below 115 F to ensure our Noni Fruit Leather is as close to raw unfermented noni fruit as one can get. Laboratory tests show our Noni Fruit Leather to have a 2 year shelf life not refrigerated and an outstanding potency retention- 99% potency retention after 2 years! 



Steve Frailey

About the Author: Steve Frailey

My wife and I (Steve Frailey) moved to Kauai, Hawaii in 1982 from our organic farm in California. There were no roads, electricity, water or buildings but lots of Noni trees (Morinda Citrifolia) in our valley. We also developed a deep relationship with Noni that was growing all through our valley.  Today we run our Hawaiian Organic Noni farm, and share the gift of health with people throughout the world.