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How to Keep Your Body Younger Than You Are

By: Lola Frailey Tuesday March 1, 2016 comments Tags: natural antioxidants, noni for pain, noni for age spots, noni for inflammation, natural pain relief, natural skin care, scopoletin


How often do you look in the mirror and see someone much older than your actual or mental age? While aging is a natural part of life, the process is infuriating when you aren’t ready! And in our environment full of pollutants, your body ages a lot faster than your ancestors’ did.  

You feel slower than you once were, spots and wrinkles are popping up out of nowhere, and new health concerns are hindering you daily. These small changes add up fast! Be sure you stay on top of aging before aging gets on top of you. So, what can you do to look and feel like your most youthful, energetic self?

While skincare and anti-aging research has come a long way from the technology your ancestors had at their disposal, the innovations you hear of are only innovations for the short term. Most often, they just complicate your simple goal to keep your body youthful in the long run.

Fortunately, there’s a hidden gem that can help keep your body as young as you feel (or would like to feel): pure noni fruit pulp. And with these three simple, organic noni pulp products, you will quickly notice a return of youthful energy, glowing skin, and pain relief, helping you continue to live life to the fullest.

1. Noni Fruit Leather for Energy and Antioxidants

Noni Fruit Leather, with a texture similar to a fruit roll up, is an amazing raw food to include with your morning breakfast.

We’ve talked before about how Noni can replace your morning coffee to give you a more natural energy boost. You can ditch the chemicals and sugars that come with your usual cafe latte and instead take in beneficial enzymes and minerals of the Noni Fruit Leather. This gives you youthful energy without the potential damage of caffeine overdose.

Noni Fruit Leather also surpasses the occasional pomegranate or blueberry with its high levels of antioxidants. Getting enough antioxidants in your diet actually slows down the aging of the skin cells and aids anti-inflammatory agents so you feel ready to take on the day.

Not convinced? See what Noni Fruit Leather does for blood sugar:

"I've been taking Noni Fruit Leather from Hawaiian Organic Noni for two months now, and my sugar levels are gradually going down. I heard about noni from a friend of mine at the hospital I work at. She lost 20 pounds and was able to get off one of her diabetes medications. Once I heard that, I had to give noni a try! I was always very tired, and in only two-and a-half weeks after taking noni, I had more energy and started walking again to get exercise. I'm also happy to report that I lost nine pounds." - Phyllis Kramer, Reading, Pennsylvania

2. Noni Lavender Lotion for Spots and Wrinkles

Working from the outside in, the second simple step to keeping your body youthful is tackling those stubborn spots and wrinkles with Noni Lavender Lotion.

Scientific research proves over and over again that pure noni fruit pulp helps rebuild skin tissue to stop and repair spots from age, liver damage, and sun exposure. This is because of the natural collagen boosters in noni fruit, which regulate the protein in your skin to balance and heal your body.

This natural collagen also helps as a natural yet powerful anti-wrinkle agent to rebuild the cells that broke down to form those wrinkles in the first place.

Other benefits of the noni fruit in your lotion are all the vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C. This helps bring out the best in your body’s skin by clearing away discoloration and brightening your skin tone for a youthful glow when you apply the lotion regularly. We’ve even found the lotion helps erase stretch marks!

Take a look at testimonials like this one for the Noni Lavender Lotion:

"My skin looks 20 years younger! Hi, I live in Hawaii and I first found out about your Noni Lavender Lotion at the Made in Hawaii festival in Honolulu. I've been using it for about eight years now, and I'm 78, and my skin looks like I'm about 58. It's smooth and clear, and all those liver and age spots are all gone. So, I'm really grateful for your products. Thanks a lot and mahalo." —Lopaka Goodlow, Honolulu

3. IcyHeat Noni Lotion for Pain Relief

Now, you may know the Hawaiians have been using noni fruit for centuries, crushing the fruit pulp into a mush and applying the fruit to bruises, sprains, and swollen limbs.

With the help of sports trainers at the University of Hawaii for development, our IcyHeat Noni Lotion has the same natural formula as our Noni Lavender Lotion. What makes the IcyHeat formula unique is the added menthol crystals and camphor oil to bring rapid pain relief to stubborn joints.

Daily aches and pains is not something we get used to with aging. Even small, dull aches can hinder your day-to-day routine. With  IcyHeat Noni Lotion's natural scopoletin as an anti-inflammatory, you feel real and natural pain relief. Health complications no longer take away from the quality of your life.

Take a look at this example of how IcyHeat Noni Lotion helps with the pain of arthritis:

"I have a lot of joint pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. After just four days of eating the fruit leather and putting the Icy Heat lotion on my legs and feet, I found that my joint pain was all but gone. I typically have difficulty standing up and walking right after sitting for an hour. I drove for two hours and got out like it was nothing! Then I sat in a meeting for almost two hours and also had no problems right after. My energy level is up and pain is down. I cannot wait to see my Dr and have him see my inflammation is down. I am so glad we found the Noni table at the Luau we went to while in Kauai!! Thank you!" Tamara Conry

So clear off your bathroom vanity full of useless “anti-aging” products. When you need to maintain a spring in your step and a glow to your face, you can count on the power of the noni fruit to keep your body more youthful than you thought possible.

Tell us how noni has simplified your anti-aging routine, we love to hear your stories.


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