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 IcyHeat Sports Formula

IcyHeat Sports Formula

5/5 (11 reviews)

Price: $40.00

Our Newest Formula for Quicker Pain Relief

  • Enhanced IcyHeat Formula
  • Prevents Muscle Fatigue and Cramps
  • Soothing Pain Relief for Aching Joints and Muscles
  • Promotes Relief for Bruises, Sprains, Stiffness and Inflammation
  • Optimal for Those With an Active Lifestyle
  • New and Improved Applicator Tip

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This is our newest noni lotion product to become available. Made with the same principles in mind as our IcyHeat Noni Lotion, the IcyHeat Sports Formula has a higher concentration of Camphor and Menthol added to the formulation for a quickness of response for healing and pain relief. Specifically designed to treat closed-skin ailments such as muscle cramps, muscle fatigue, sprains, swelling, bruises, stiffness and inflammation. Great for use before or after workouts. No refrigeration is necessary. Each bottle of IcyHeat Sports Formula has a 2 year shelf life.

Note: Because this product contains Camphor and Menthol, we ask you to refrain from using it on open wounds or cuts because it will deliver a painful sting.  Instead, we advise you to use our standard Noni Lavender Lotion since it does not contain Camphor or Menthol.

Can IcyHeat Sports Formula Help You?

IcyHeat Sports Formula Is Able to Address:

  • Pain
  • Muscle Fatigue
  • Cramps
  • Bruises
  • Sprains
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Congestion
  • Inflammation

  • Organic Noni Fruit
  • Water
  • Camphor Oil
  • Pure Menthol
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract
  • Organic Lavender Oil

First, make sure that the problem area does not have any broken skin.  Then, clean the surface of your skin and apply liberally to the problem area, let air dry or continue rubbing to exfoliate the skin. We recommend using this lotion before and after workouts!

Apply 2-3 times daily for less severe conditions, and 4 or more times daily for more severe conditions.

A Lifesaver!
5/ 5 stars


I was very skeptical when I visited the noni farm a few months ago in Kauai, but this stuff has been a lifesaver. I was diagnosed with chronic arthritis in my neck before our trip. When I got back I was scheduled for shots, doctor's appt's and ultimately surgery. I started taking the noni fruit leather and using this lotion on my neck and within a couple days I had 80% relief. After a week I was 100% free of pain. I've been using this for 3 months and I am still totally pain free and no more numbness/tingling in my fingers. I must say I have to take the fruit leather too...3-4 times a day (which I find to be the most effective of the products) but this icy hot is great to put on the area you have pain in. It also works if you put it on the bottom of your feet too (not sure why but they recommend it and it does seem to help!)

5/ 5 stars


I had my medial meniscus removed years ago and my knee is bone on bone. It gets really sore. I tried the "Icy Heat Sports Formula" at a Farmer's Market on Kauai. We walked around and I was pain free. I bought a bottle and have been sharing it with friends at the gym. Everybody is amazed at how well it works and many have ordered it for themselves. Everybody who tries it cannot believe how quickly their chronic joint pain is gone. It truly is a miracle product.

Knee and Foot Pain Gone
5/ 5 stars


Due to bone on bone arthritis I have had my left shoulder joint already replace and my right knee was next on my list. We chanced across these products at a farmers Market in Kappa Kauai. I tried the Blue Icy Heat on my knee and found instant relief. I have been taking both Aleve and prescription Valtoren Gel. I am pleased to report that 2-3 applications daily for a month has dramatically reduced the swelling and pain in my knee, totally eliminated my ankle joint pain. I have halted both the Aleve and Valtoren and am very pleased with these early results. I have high expectations that the knee pain and swelling will be eliminated over time. See my reviews of the leather and lavender products

The pain and stiffness is gone.
5/ 5 stars


I almost didn't make it to my first trip to Kauai because my back went out. I have has surgery and for the most part it has been effective. But I was in pain. A 7 hour trip didn't help things. I went to the Farmer's Market and the guy gave me some to put in my back. I was pain free the rest of the day. I had been here for the a couple of days and I think just being in Kauai helped, but the Hawaiian Noni helped so much more I know there is something special about this fruit. I am really thankful. I will go to the tour and want to learn more. Thank you so much. Erik Bohlin, Lake Stevens, WA

I couldn't believe how much it eased my pain
5/ 5 stars


I went to Kauai a year ago. I also got to try the product at a farmers market there. I couldn't believe how much it eased my pain. I suffer with neuropathy in my feet. When I wake up in the night with my feet in pain, I rub my feet down with the sports formula nearly every night. I can usually go right back to sleep because the pain subsides quickly. I feel having Noni Sports Formula or the IcyHeat Noni is a must have in my home. I keep plenty on hand, I like it so much I am afraid to not have it around.

5/ 5 stars


I recently vacationed in Kauai. My friend had brought me Noni leather home that last time she was there. Another friend was raving about the IcyHeat Noni so I thought I better try this out myself. We went to a luau and you were selling it there. I purchased the Noni Sports Formula for my boyfriend who has been struggling with low back and shoulder pain. Also he snores to all heck! While still in Hawaii, I rubbed on the gal I was sharing a room with's feet to see if it would stop her snoring. Lo and behold, a quiet night! When I returned home, I began using it on my boyfriend. He has been sleeping better and has less pain. I am now a Noni believer. Thank you!!

complete releif for ear aches
5/ 5 stars


I used to have constant ear aches when exposed to wind or any cold to the ears. Since putting Icyheat Sports Formula Lotion inside the outer ear, I have no more ear aches even when exposed to cold or wind. The Doctors could not help me.

A jogger's best friend!
5/ 5 stars


I discovered this product on our annual trip to Kauai a few years ago at the weekly market. I have been an avid jogger my entire life, however, joint pain and cramping had become a problem now that I am in my 70's and Noni IcyHeat Sports Formula has worked wonders allowing me to continue to do what I love pain free.

Awesome product on my replaced knee and arthritic feet
5/ 5 stars


We tried this at a Farmers Market in Kapaa on Kauai last week while visiting. He put a sample on my replaced knee and the lingering aching was gone in about 5 minutes. I then bought some and rubbed it on my feet. Also an almost immediate improvement. I will buy more in the future because it really works. I am a senior citizen in Idaho and it helps the aches and pains of aging.

Brachioradial Pruritus (BRP)
5/ 5 stars


This condition is extremely uncomfortable and the discomfort hard to manage. Ice to area works temporarily but is damaging to the skin. There are several reasons for BRP but nothing directly points to the true cause. Numerous treatment options are recommended but ice is the most effective . Several years ago while visiting Kauai, we attended the NONI organic farm's free informational tour which included an educational talk on the products, uses and outcomes. Most meaningful tour we have ever taken!! Although we have been using many of their products including the NONI leather since taking the tour, I recently added Icy/Heat Sports Formula for night time cramps. This is not only amazing for relieving muscle cramps quickly, it works on the intense itching of BRP. I apply a generous amount to the area of discomfort, let it absorb for several minutes then gently rub into the skin. Sometimes I need to repeat this step 2 or 3 times but it gets rid of the intense itching and with no damage to the skin. As the lotion absorbs, you can feel the COOLNESS from the camphor and menthol combined with the NONI fruit working to relieve the discomfort. Much safer and more effective than ice!!! We love all the quality organic NONI products and have learned two (2) important things over the years: 1. Try it first, don't leave as a last resort and 2. If one of their products is not effective, try one of the others. They are all natural!!! Our family, including the elder dog and young guinea pig, have had great outcomes from these amazing products. Thank you Steve and team for not only a wonderful product but the comfort they produce.

Total right knee replaced 2015.
5/ 5 stars


We tried the product on my right knee incision which from time to time stings and etc. The gentlemen at the Farmer's Market on Kauai near Kappa rubbed some on my knee with my permission. Instantly and related irritations were gone and for a minimum of several hours and sometimes several days. I also shared it with my 88 year old mother for her arthritis and carpal tunnel. She was shocked when most of the pain was gone instantly. She uses now as needed to maintain pain free for the first time in 20+ years. I just bought my 2nd bottle for use here and Idaho. At age 70, with a replaced knee in 2015, I can bowl several days per week again at a high level, do yard work and walk like before despite have my knee totally replaced. This product REALLY works