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By: Lola Frailey Tuesday January 16, 2018 comments Tags: raw food noni, raw food, raw noni

What is Raw Food?

Glad you asked! Going raw is about consuming unprocessed, unaltered, cold-pressed foods that are not heated/cooked above 115 degrees F.

What are the Benefits of Raw Foods?

1. Alkaline. Our body’s natural state is alkaline. Our blood supply needs to be alkaline constantly (PH of 7.3 ) for optimal health.

Did you know? Eating processed, sodium filled, GMO laden foods can off balance your body’s PH. Although one may not feel the immediately affects, this eating style can cause various health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes

2. Enzymes. Although there are exceptions, most of the enzymes and nutrients found in raw food are depleted when heated/cooked and processed.

Did you know? Foods are easily digested by the body when living enzymes are remained intact. When your body isn’t focused on breaking down the food you eat, it can focus on delivering all the nutrients to every system in your body for use.

3. Weight Loss. Chemicals in the food we eat (hormones, antibiotics, emulsifiers), have been linked to weight gain, diabetes, and other health issues.

Did you know? Raw foods are high in dietary fiber. This type of natural fiber can keep you more full longer thus helping you naturally eat less.

4. Healthy Skin. Your body naturally cleans and detoxes itself. Although liver and kidneys do an excellent job, your skin also takes part by sloughing off old skin cells revealing fresh new healthy skin cells underneath. Eating a raw, whole food, clean diet feeds your body from the inside out. Causing your skin to glow. Naturally.

Did you know? You really are what you eat. Your body reproduces cells, body tissue, bone, and heals wounds using the compounds found in the food you consume. Something to seriously consider when reaching for that bag of bon-bons.

What are Raw Foods?

  • All raw fruits and vegetables
  • Unroasted nuts and seeds
  • Sprouts (sprouted beans included)
  • Fresh herbs and unprocessed spices
  • Raw nut milk (almond, hazelnut, cashew)
  • Unprocessed cacao nibs and powders
  • Noni Fruit Leather

Noni Fruit is grown and hand picked in Hawaii on our Organic Noni Farm. The Noni Fruit Leather is produced with tender loving care. It takes over 60 hours of low heat drying under 115 degrees F to create one package of fruit leather. Compared to noni juice, our Noni Fruit Leather is 14 times more potent allowing your body to benefit from each and every one of the 165 compounds noni fruit has to offer making Noni Fruit Leather a raw superfood.

Can’t get enough raw food noni? Click here for more raw information!


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