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Problems with Existing Flea Prevention Treatments:

The chemicals used to kill fleas are obviously rather harsh pesticides. It’s well below a lethal dose for your pet, but with low-dose exposure overtime, the results are not well-studied. Initial reports indicate that many pets are sickened or even die each year as a result of exposure to flea-killing chemicals.

Natural Ways to Prevent or Kill Fleas:

  • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth or borax on carpet that may be infected
  • Essential oils, including lavender, citronella, pennyroyal, and eucalyptus. A lot of people don't know this, but Lavender is a natural flea repellent. If you use Noni Lavender Lotion in the fur of your pet, it will not only soothe flea bitten areas but it also will act as a natural flea preventative. 
  • Comb pet with soapy water
  • Vacuum frequently anywhere that your pet spends a lot of time
  • Feed organic Noni Fruit Leather to your dog or cat. This can naturally boost your furry friends immune system and stop fleas in their tracks. You may feed a 2x2 inch square to your animal or simply place in their drinking water. It will dissolve, allowing your pet to maintain the healthy immune system it deserves.

Noni Fruit Leather can act as an organic flea and tick preventative if you feed it to your dog regularly over a period of time. It’s 100% certified organic, with no preservatives or added chemicals. It’s just raw, low- heat dehydrated noni pulp, full of beneficial enzymes. By taking Noni Fruit Leather internally it gets in your pets system and fleas and ticks leave.