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New on the Farm 2018

By: Steve Frailey Monday December 31, 2018 comments Tags: organic farming, noni farmers market, organic noni farm

Dec 2018

We just attended last weekend the Honolulu Marathon Expo. The 30,000 runners come to the Hawaii Convention Center over a three day period to pick up their pre-race information and number for their shirt. They have the opportunity to visit various booths offering a wide variety of items such as shoes, fanny packs, pain relieving products, etc. Naturally we are a big hit with many repeat runners bringing their friends to our booth for our IcyHeat Noni Lotion or our Sports Formula IcyHeat Noni lotion (for faster penetration and pain relief.) During this Expo, we have 4 local ladies that speak Japanese work with us in our booth as over 50% of the runners are from Japan and do not speak English. I must say this Expo is a lot of fun, especially with me trying to converse with the Japanese folks. (My Japanese is very poor!!!)

In Japan, Noni juice is very popular through multi-level marketing companies. We get a lot of recognition for Noni at our booth but spend a lot of time explaining “Raw Food not Juice for potency”. Scientifically, when you go from an apple to apple juice and throw the pulp away, one loses 50% of the value found in the whole apple. The same is true with Noni but the biggest factor is fermentation that destroys all the goodness found in the raw pulp. Noni Juice, which are all fermented, creates alcohol which destroys all the beneficial enzymes and changes the chemical structure of the beneficial compounds found in the raw pulp. Fermentation of Noni destroys the potency of the raw pulp and decreases what Noni can do of you.
The true traditional use of Noni by Polynesians and Hawaiians for thousands of years was to eat the raw fruit not drink the fermented juice. As raw food, Noni feeds the cells of the body to maintain good healthy and act as a preventative. As the old saying goes. “You are what you eat”.

It is all about the potency and receiving the maximum benefit from Noni. On our 70 acre certified organic family farm, we have total control over every aspect of the growing, picking and processing of our Noni. It took us many years to develop the equipment to low heat dehydrate (below 115 F) using only non-fermented Noni to maintain the potency of the raw pulp. Our Noni Fruit Leather is raw food to feed the cells of the body to maintain good health. Independent laboratory tests have shown our Noni Fruit Leather to be 14 times more potent than fermented Noni juice.

At the Honolulu Marathon Expo, we applied samples of the IcyHeat Noni Lotions to hundreds of people who were already in pain, even before the race! It is very rewarding when they return with big smiles on their face saying, “My pain is gone. I have to have a bottle of this for the race!!” We always reply, “Just wait until you feel what the Noni Fruit Leather can do for you internally to address persistent conditions or as a preventative.”

Nov 2018

They're Back! Keep an eye out for new photos of the nests and new chicks!

Keep up with the Albatross here!

Oct 2018

While waiting for the albatross to arrive, I thought it would be fun to share this new blog about some fantastic Tropical Fruits with many nutrients, vitamins and other good things. On our organic farm we grow many different types of tropical fruits our family and friends enjoy. On our free farm tour, many of you have met Dylan who has a very strong passion for the Jamaican Lilikoi that grows wild on vines hanging from trees. They look like a very small orange football. At Halloween time, we pick bags of these for the trick-o-treaters who gladly take them instead of candy!!


There are many special fruits grown in your local area – remember to eat some often for your good health.

Sept 2018


As many of you saw on the news, Hurricane Lane threatened the whole state of Hawaii as a Category 4 hurricane with wind speeds of 150 mph plus. The satellite pictures showed a massive storm spreading out hundreds of miles. The storm tracked far enough west to keep the high winds away but the moisture associated with the hurricane produced non-stop rain. The Big Island of Hawaii took the brunt of the storm in the form of rain – lots of rain with records of 40-50 inches over several days.

The local Civil Defense and NOAA did a fantastic job of providing information regarding the storm’s track, wind speeds, rain etc. through the local news stations. The meteorologists provided information on the “life cycle” of a hurricane including what feeds the strength of a hurricane and what decreases the strength and of a hurricane.

Hurricane Lane tracked close to all the islands producing large amounts of rain which caused flooding on the Big Island of Hawaii and Maui. As Lane approached Oahu and Kauai, upper level trade winds produced a “shearing effect” that ripped the hurricane apart in a matter of hours from a Category 4 to a Category 1. Most importantly, the trade winds pushed the remaining storm due west away from Oahu and Kauai.

On the farm, we had boarded up the windows, stored equipment, and brought into the buildings anything that could blow away or become a projectile. It’s always good to be prepared, but the wind shear did such a good job of weakening the hurricane that we basically had a normal rainy day here on the farm with 25 mph wind. The Noni trees loved the extra water and received no damage!! We are picking 1,600 pounds of Noni today for this week’s processing. Parts of Kauai did receive extreme rainfall totals, Mount Waialeale which is one of the wettest places on Earth received almost 24 inches of rain in a 30 hour period. Thank you for all the emails and phone messages with your thoughts and prayers.

We are absolutely fine!!


Lola and I just attended the Made in Hawaii 2018 show. Approximately 50,000 attendees visited from August 17-19. At our booth, we offer our organic Noni products and information on how Noni may help one with pain management. Our IcyHeat Noni Lotion and Sports Formula IcyHeat Lotion are big hits every year as we apply these lotions to thousands of people in pain. One of the new girls helping in our booth this year made this comment on the last day of the show: “It is amazing that 90% of the people we apply the IcyHeat Noni Lotion to come back in minutes with relief and to purchase a bottle.” 

We received a phone message on the second day from a gentleman saying: “A lady at your booth yesterday applied your IcyHeat Noni Lotion to my legs that are always in pain. I felt better almost immediately, but let me tell you that this stuff works. I got out of bed this morning with no leg pain. I am very impressed."

The main Newsletter in the middle of the month will feature the article “Raw Food Noni – Nature’s Escape From Pain”. We will discuss how Noni may help as a natural pain reliever. Melody Toth, a retired Sports Trainer at the University of Hawaii, is interviewed. Included are her recommendations for applying the IcyHeat Noni Lotion for pain relief based from personal experiences using the lotion on athletes at the university for years.

We had a fantastic day with 30 very special seniors from Lihue that arrived on the Kauai Bus. It was a beautiful sunny day and they all came prepared to learn more about Noni on our 70 acre certified organic family farm. We spent over an hour talking about the true traditional use of Noni by ancient Polynesians and Hawaiians (they ate the fruit raw), how Noni trees grow (they produce fruit 12 months per year), what Noni trees like (full sun and a little water), what raw Noni fruit taste like (blue cheese), and what the Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lotions can do for them (a natural preventative and pain reliever). 

The really fun part was applying the IcyHeat Noni Lotion to everyone for their pain. We applied the lotion to their feet first and then their localized area with pain. The results were amazing and they were all very appreciative that their pain was gone. The group included one lady who was 99 and another lady that was 94. They were both very active and engaging with bright smiles.

After the initial: "traditional use of noni" talk, we all went outside to look at a Noni tree and visit the Shama birds. Dylan and the Shama birds (Duke, Daisy, Dylila and Dice) were a very big hit and created much laughter and ear to ear smiles. Dylan worked with the wild Shama birds for over 8 months developing their friendship and trust. They now wait in a Noni tree outside the building for every tour group as they land on his hand and eat – to everyone's enjoyment and amazement. 

Everyone got back on the Bus for the drive up the hill to our orchards of Noni. After talking about our organic growing methods with mulch, compost, worm casting and compost teas, we visited the “Autograph tree” where everyone is able to scratch their name on a leaf that will remain on the tree for 18-24 months.


We finished the tour by sitting in the shade along the fence line and enjoyed lunch. They all brought their lunches and everyone was sharing their special dishes. It was really a great day. We ended the tour by giving each person a Lahala woven bag with a bottle of each lotion (Noni Lavender lotion and IcyHeat Noni lotion) as a gift from our farm to a very special group of very young individuals. They all touched our hearts with their joy for life.

Aug 2018

Last Friday, we were trimming some tall Noni trees in the orchard. At the end of the day, Dylan (a long time worker on the farm who grew up here on Kauai) saw an over ripe stalk of bananas in the banana patch. Upon grabbing the banana stalk to pull it down, Dylan immediately backed away from the ripe bananas letting out a very loud scream. A six inch centipede was hiding among the bananas and bite him twice on his thumb!

Ever been bitten by a centipede? Trust me, it hurts! The pain is similar to 5-10 wasp stings. I immediately found a ripe Noni under a tree, and Dylan applied the Noni raw pulp to the bites. Dylan said: “Wow, it is helping! The burning sensation from the centipede bites is going away.”

The next morning when Dylan came to work, he said: “It took almost 2 hours for the throbbing and burning to subside instead of 10 hours (which is normal). I still get this itching sensation where I was bitten, but as soon as I apply more of the Noni Lavender Lotion – the itching stops.”

We offer free Organic Noni Farm & Wellness Tours. Many visitors come after finding our lotions at the Farmers Markets. The most common report is their pain relief after using our IcyHeat Noni Lotion, but many add that the Noni Lavender Lotion gave them immediate relief from their sunburn or mosquito bites. You are always welcome to take a free 2 ½ hour Farm Tour of our 70 acre certified organic family Noni Farm during your next visit to Kauai.

You will learn a lot about Noni but also about our organic farming methods that you may use in your own gardens. Just call Lola using the toll free number on the label (888-882-6664) to sign up for the morning tour on M, W or F.

You will see the Shama bird family taking turns landing on Dylan’s hand and feeding!! They have 4 new chicks this year.

Click here to learn the history of the Shama bird and watch videos of Dylan feeding them!

July 2018


It will not be long before Elvis leaves for Alaska. He is starting to mature, losing his gray downy feathers with his new sleek big white feathers for flying. Elvis will pick his time to finally take his first flight without the help of any adult. Both parents are currently making the 6 day round trip flight from our bluff to Alaska to gorge themselves on squid to feed Elvis.

Therefore, his natural instincts tells him how to fly and during his first flight. Elvis will glide for 3 days to Alaska to feed on squid and mature. Four years from his first flight, he will GPS the 2000 miles from Alaska to the hillside he was born on to socialize with other young juvenile Albatross. When he turns 7-10 years old, he will pick a mate for life and begin breeding on our hillside.

Read more about the Albatross

June 2018

And the Winner is: Elvis

It was a long dinner night with the family. After much debating, discussion, and friendly votes, each of us picked our top 20 names. From there we chose the top 10, and finally narrowed the selection down to the consensus top 5. Over many desserts, the winner was picked. The family thought the chick looks like an "Elvis" in stature and the way he is looking at you in the photos.

Many thanks to to everyone for the many, many, fine name suggestions (8 pages of possible names).

This year we have 3 winners: Jack, Jasen, and Sandra who all submitted "Elvis".

You will all be receiving a Noni Fruit Leather and a bottle of each lotion (Noni Lavender Lotion & IcyHeat Noni Lotion) and maybe free guitar lessons from Elvis!!

Click here to read more about the albatross

May 2018


We recently had our annual organic inspection by the USDA certifying agent and passed with flying green colors!! As an organic farmer for over 40 years, all we have been doing is mimicking what Nature has done for thousands of years in the forest floor. Leaves fall on the ground creating a mulch which is the perfect environment for earth worms which give life to the soil.

Our certified organic family farm is enjoyed by all types of wildlife, lots of wild chickens, our family dogs and cats plus lots of folks on our free Organic Noni Farm and Wellness Tour. Come join us sometime!

April 2018

Many of you may have seen in the News, Kauai had a heck of a lot of rain, thunder, and lightning last Saturday and Sunday. We experienced 9 hours of thunder and lightning crashing to the ground every minute!

The torrential rain was unbelievable (the Noni trees loved it!). Our Farm was on the edge of the continuous storm and we survived with no real damage. However, Hanalei (a town 9 miles away) was hit very hard with 28 inches of rain in 24 hours.

Several miles down the road where Dylan (Dr Doolittle) lives, had a 35 inch rain gauge and it overflowed during the storm! There were multiple landslides that cover the only road in and out so people maybe stuck for several weeks!

There are posts on Facebook showing the flooding and Buffalo on the reef. No one was reported injured but there was lots of water damage. We feel very fortunate that all is good here on the farm.


Bison on Hanalei Bay photo credit Ian Nelson

Chick B is the winning Albatross Chick!

And the Winner is:

It was a very, very close vote!! Only a few votes separated Chick B and Chick C but “by a feather”, the winning chick for 2018 is Chick B. I personally think he or she looks very regal or royal like a King or a Queen to be!

Lola will be regularly posting photos to our Facebook page: Hawaiian Organic Noni so you will be able to follow Chick B maturing into a juvenile adult by late July. Watch for the beginning of the “Name That Chick Contest” starting the first of May.

We had 480 name suggestions last year so get your thinking caps on as the winner gets a free Noni Fruit Leather package and both of the 4 oz. lotions!

Read more about the Albatross

Thank you for your support!

edible Hawaiian Islands magazine: Farm/Farmer of the Year Award

Exciting news for our organic family farm! We were recently contacted by the editor of Edible Hawaii magazine.

Every spring, edible Hawaiian Islands magazine hosts their Local Hero Awards in 6 different categories. Readers nominate their suggestions, and the editor picks the winners. We have won the Farm/Farmer of the Year Award!

Here is the link to the Award:

Read more about Organic Farming

Earth Day Fun!

Earth Day – Sunday April 22

In Honor of Earth Day, here is a link about our Organic practices on our farm. What we do on a large scale can easily be done in your own backyard.

As I have been saying for 40 years, “As an organic farmer – all I have been doing is mimicking what Nature has down for millennium in the forest floor. Leaves fall on the ground and create mulch, the perfect environment for worms to thrive and make top soil."

Read about the history of Earth Day

March 2018

It’s that time of year again! The Albatross Colony has grown from 22 breeding pairs last year to 29 breeding pairs this year – we are very happy and proud parents!! We started many years ago with only 3 breeding pairs. After fencing in the 5 acre Breeding Area to keep the dogs out, the colony has flourished. Albatross are wild seafaring birds that return each year from Alaska (2000 miles of open ocean) to breed on our hillside overlooking the ocean. Being seafaring birds, the Albatross do not know how dangerous dogs are to them and their young. It was a big problem until we fenced the area to protect them.

Lola, my daughter, photographs the adults and new chicks. She has submitted the following “new chick” photos. We kindly ask you to vote for your favorite photo. The chick with the most votes will be the star entry for our “Name that Chick Contest”. We had over 400 names suggested last year!! Remember Ruffles?

You may vote on our Facebook page at:

Feb 2018

Oh Boy and Girl (it's impossible to know if the chick is a boy or girl)!! We have 29 nests this year with one chick per nest. Not all the eggs have hatched, but it is very exciting to visit the nesting area each day to see a new chick. Currently 10 new chicks have hatched!! The photos speak for themselves.

On our home page, we have created an ‘Albatross chick” link under the Media section. You will find photos from the past three years and lots of information about the Albatross and their amazing journey from Alaska to the hillside fronting our organic noni farm to breed year after year.

DNA test on Wisdom, a female Albatross that breeds on Midway island, has shown that she is the oldest known alive bird in the wild – worldwide. She is 67 years old, has raised 30-35 chicks and traveled millions of miles in her lifetime!

Click here to learn more about the albatross

Jan 2018

Albatross rule this time of year on the farm!

But this time of year, the Albatross rule. They simple soar and glide effortlessly through the sky. Such a majestic bird with a 6 foot wing span that chooses to grace us with their presence every year to breed and raise a new chick. (As I was typing this, I just looked out the window and was blessed with a beautiful Juvenile Adult gliding by relaxing and enjoying the scenery.)

As mentioned before, Wisdom (an albatross up in Midway Island) is the oldest known wild bird in the world. A DNA test, many years ago, has put her current age at 67 years old. She is on her 45th chick this year. They only produce one egg during the breeding season that takes 6 months to raise on the ground. Traditionally, they breed for 3-4 years consecutively and then take a year off from breeding to recuperate physically.

Our web folks and my daughter, Lola, have a great “blog” section with lots of information about the Albatross and following the new chicks from hatching to growing into a new young juvenile adults. On our website,, in the top tool bar you will see the Media tab. Holding the cursor over the tab will open 6 topics. The fifth topic is “Albatross Chicks”. Clicking on this will open lots of great photos and information about our chicks growing up over the past years. We also post lots of new photos to Facebook at Hawaiian Organic Noni.

Click here to follow the 2018 breeding season

Click here to learn more about the albatross

The eggs are due to hatch in early February, so watch for the new chick photos and the popular “Name that Chick” contest. We had over 400 suggestions for a name for last year’s chick. Ruffles was last year's winning name. Who will it be this year?

Steve Frailey

About the Author: Steve Frailey

My wife and I (Steve Frailey) moved to Kauai, Hawaii in 1982 from our organic farm in California. There were no roads, electricity, water or buildings but lots of Noni trees (Morinda Citrifolia) in our valley. We also developed a deep relationship with Noni that was growing all through our valley.  Today we run our Hawaiian Organic Noni farm, and share the gift of health with people throughout the world.