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Noni BioBandage 2.75 oz

Noni BioBandage 2.75 oz

5/5 (4 reviews)

Price: $38.00 for 2.75 oz. Jar

A Soft Paste of Noni, Aloe Gel & Rosemary

  • Skin Conditions & Skin Ailments
  • Skin tags
  • Seals and Protects Damaged Skin
  • Flexible and Water-Resistant

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A paste form of our Noni Fruit Leather, organic aloe gel and organic rosemary oil. As an organic remedy, the Noni BioBandage can be applied directly to skin conditions and skin ailments. The paste dries hard in 10 minutes adhering to the skin area to seal and protect acting like a natural band aid.  

Made with the same care and quality as the Noni Fruit Leather, the Noni BioBandage is sure to speed up your recovery time for small localized injuries or growths. The Noni BioBandage may be applied as a thick paste to skin growths or skin tags to aid in their removal in several days. No refrigeration necessary. Each jar of Noni BioBandage has a 2 year shelf life.

What can the Noni BioBandage Do for You?

  • Used for localized abrasion or skin injury to promote healing of the tissue
  • Removal of external skin growths or skin tags by applying the paste to the growth or skin tag, leaving the growth or skin tag completely covered with the paste for several days. 
  • Use as a facial mask for improved skin texture or to address acne symptoms 
  • Apply to fingernails or toenails to address fungus issues

  • Organic Noni Fruit
  • Organic Aloe Gel (Aloe Vera, Xanthan, Potassium Sorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid)
  • Organic Oil of Rosemary

First clean the skin area. Then simply apply the Noni BioBandage to cover the problem area completely, smooth down the edges, and let dry, don't rub in. You want the paste to cover the area and dry hard, think natural band aid. It will dry hard in 10 minutes and will stay on until you peel it off or wash it off with warm water. Once the paste is dry your may cover the area with athletic tape or even a band aid but this is not necessary. If the paste comes off or washes off in the shower simple replace as often as needed until the affected skin area is healed and restored.

5/ 5 stars


I used your instant noni bandage on my dog who had a tumor on his paw and within about a month of giving noni fruit leather , lavender lotion, and instant bandage my dogs tumor vanished! Couldn't be any happier. Thank you!

5/ 5 stars


Recently while pouring pot-roast drippings into a skillet to make gravy, it poured all over my left hand from wrist to finger tips and in-between the fingers. After submerging the hand in cool water to bring the temp down and hopefully prevent blistering, it was still very red and painful. I slathered the hand in your BioBandage and covered it with a clean white sock. The next day I rinsed it in cool water, applied the Lavender Noni lotion, and again covered it in a clean white sock. I repeated the BioBandage routine the second night, and by the second morning it was perfectly fine. No pain or tenderness, no blisters, no redness. I am very grateful for my sister-in-law's Noni gifts from her trip to Oahu in June, which led me to order additional Noni items. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Noni Aloe BioBandage and Noni Lotions
5/ 5 stars


I wanted to thank you for such a quality and effective product line. I have been using 3 of your products for many years. For the past 2 years, the noni aloe bandage has stood out. I have used it after being exposed to poison ivy and poison oak. It literally has stopped the itch and the rash overnight and within a day. I use the Icy Heat lotion on mosquito bites and the Lavender lotion for all sorts of things including cold sore in my mouth and raw spots on my cat's skin. Thank you again for your products.

No stitches!
5/ 5 stars


I opened my truck door into my knee which sliced it open an inch and a half. I didn't get stitches which it needed,cleaned it out and nursed it for 6 weeks. It kept breaking open and wouldn't heal as the cut was on a moving joint. Finally I tried the Noni Bio Bandage! In three days it was completely healed! Thank you for such a powerful product!

"the cactus spines were pulled into the BioBandage and came off when it was removed!"

"I live in Arizona and when my sister was visiting me we took a hike in the desert. She accidentally came too close to a cholla or what is known locally as a "jumping" cactus. There was an area on her forearm approximately 4 inch by 2 inch that was covered in very fine cactus spines. When we returned home she was in pain and we attempted to remove the spines with various adhesive tapes to no avail. It was then I remembered my jar of Noni BioBandage and we covered the affected area with it and Voila! - after leaving the BioBandage on her arm for a couple of hours all the cactus spines were pulled into the BioBandage and came off when it was removed! Thank you so much for your wonderful products. " 

Rose Cannon,  AZ