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Noni Fruit Leather 1 oz

Noni Fruit Leather 1 oz

5/5 (20 reviews)

Price: $15.00 for 1 oz. Packet

100% Pure Organic Noni Fruit

Our raw food organic Noni Fruit Leather with 165 beneficial compounds is used as a preventative or to address chronic symptoms internally or externally.

  • 14x more potent than noni juice
  • Low heat processed from non-fermented raw noni pulp      
  • The highest natural antioxidant level of any food
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Can alleviate pain & inflammation

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Noni fruit is a Polynesian superfood that contains over 165 beneficial compounds in its raw form. Noni is a tropical tree known scientifically Morinda Citrifolia. The true traditional use for thousands of years among Polynesian cultures was to eat the raw noni fruit as a natural preventative to keep themselves from getting sick. Noni fruit contains vital micronutrients, including natural antioxidants, soluble and insoluble fiber, essential fatty acids, and countless other vitamins and minerals, which work together to promote good health.  

From our organic family farm comes the healing power of noni. Our Noni Fruit Leather is made from 100% non-fermented organic raw noni fruit pulp. We use an unique low heat drying process to maintain the beneficial enzymes and compounds for maximum potency. Published research has shown Noni Fruit Leather to be 14x more potent than noni juice. It is raw food with absolutely no additives or preservatives. Each package of Noni Fruit Leather has a 2 year shelf life not refrigerated.

One 1oz package of Noni Fruit Leather if taken:
Daily= 16 day supply

Noni Fruit Leather Can:

  • Help combat common infections
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Decrease the body's inflammatory response in arthritis

Noni fruit is believed to be so effective because of its antioxidant abilities.  In fact, Noni fruit is one of the world's richest sources of the potent phytochemical known as damnacanthal.  This compound is widely known for its ability to kill parasites, such as those responsible for malaria.

What's more, the natural antioxidants in Noni fruit help revitalize the body and eliminate free radicals.

Other functions of the Noni fruit include boosting the immune system, relieving pain and inflammation, as well as restoring bodily organs to their normal state.  This means it can help with everything from digestive problems and hormonal imbalances to cardiovascular trouble and nervous conditions.

Can Noni Fruit Leather Help You?

Noni helps to help maintain and support healthy:

  • Cardiovascular Systems
  • Immune Systems
  • Cholesteral Levels
  • Blood Sugar Levels
  • Blood Pressure Levels
  • Joint Functions and Good Joint Health
  • Skin Tone and Texture

Traditional Uses of Noni:

  • Abrasions
  • Aches
  • Blood Circulation
  • Boils and Abscesses
  • Bowel Disorders
  • Bruises
  • Burns
  • Immunity Weakness
  • Rashes
  • Sore Muscles
  • Sore Throat 
  • Swelling
  • Toothaches

... And Much More!

100% Organic Dried Noni Fruit

Eating Noni Fruit Leather

Recommended daily serving:
For basic maintenance (to keep yourself healthy) simply take one 2 inch by 2 inch piece per day
For chronic conditions take two to four 2 inch by 2 inch pieces per day. Start with two pieces per day and if you are not getting the desired results simply up the dosage to 4 pieces per day. Take half in the morning and half in the evening as raw food

Noni Fruit Leather can be consumed in many different ways.  The simplest way is to tear off a piece no bigger than four square inches (2 inches by 2 inches) and simply sucking on it to let it dissolve in your mouth.

Other Ways to Consume Noni Fruit Leather:

  1. Tear the 2 inch by 2 inch piece into smaller pieces, roll those into small balls and swallow whole
  2. Dissolve a piece of Noni Fruit Leather in your favorite juice or blend it up in a smoothie
  3. Dissolve a piece of Noni Fruit Leather in warm water when steeping tea and stir with a spoon


5/ 5 stars



Gentlemen, I love your product. I have been using Noni for 6 months now, but like the Noni Leather the best. A friend advised Noni juice from Tahiti about 6 months ago. I had been using Noni-Juice Plus and Noni Pacific, both from Tahiti, but I found Noni leather to be significantly better. I use the lotion too on sore muscles. My entire life I have had stomach problems and have taken many prescription medicines, but none have worked as well as Noni. Noni gives me immediate and lasting relief. I bought the Noni-Pacific at Whole Foods and orders the Noni-Juice Plus from the internet. Both products, although aided my ulcer/acidic stomach, they also both constipated me. While visiting Hawaii, I purchased the Noni leather and found it also aided my bad stomach immediately, and didn't have any negative side effects, as the other two had. Also, Noni juice is difficult to travel with, as it must be refrigerated. Noni leather can be taken anywhere and stored easily. I have found this to be the best Noni product that I have used and will continue to use Noni leather and lotion. Thank you for making such a great product

5/ 5 stars



I visited your island at the end of October and bought some Noni. I had ulcers and H-py-lori and the doctors treated me four times and couldn't get rid of it. I took Noni fruit leather for six weeks and retested. I am bacteria free. Thank You for such a wonderful product! Thirty years I have fought ulcers.

5/ 5 stars



I have been very pleased with the noni fruit leather. It has been quite effective in lowering my blood pressure over the last three months. This has been in contrast to no reaction from other formulations of Noni which I have tried. Clearly your product is different and superior in quality.

5/ 5 stars



I wanted to tell you about a friend of ours that just started Noni Fruit Leather.  First she didn't want to chew it all - she was scared of the taste.  But she told me this week that she holds it in her mouth for almost 30 minutes, letting it melt there.  I was really shocked at this statement.  Then she said she has had Hay Fever for years and her throat is always giving her trouble, but since she started this routine of letting the Noini melt in her mouth, her throat doesn't pain her anymore.  She thinks Noni is marvelous!!  Then she went on to say that when she had Nni in her mouth, her cat came over to her and sniffed her and meowed like she wanted some, too.  My friend couldn't believe she would eat it because her cat hates fruit, just runs away from it.  Well, now the cat is also eating the Noni Fruit Leather.

Roberta - Japan

5/ 5 stars



Aloha from Canada! I visited the awe-inspiring Oahu on a family trip in July of this year and we visited a Macadamia nut farm and it was there that I found your product.....thank the heavens. I purchased the noni leather as well as the lavender noni lotion to 'test' the product out as I am a firm believer in healing body ailments with products of the earth. I have been suffering from acne since the age of 12 and nothing has ever helped. I've been on prescription pills, used brutal skin cremes that only tortured my skin even further and it wasn't until I started using the lotion and ingesting the leather that I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. Bottom line: my skin has never in the past 12 years of my life looked as amazing as it does now. I am a forever customer and believer in this product and just want to thank you for producing it. Much love from the north


Very happy with results
5/ 5 stars


We picked up our fruit noni at the Kapaa farmers market this summer. Thought we'd try it. About a month later, our knees and backs were pain-free after sitting and sleeping. Debbi and Steve

Feeling GREAT since using Noni fruit leather and Noni Icy heat sports lotion.
5/ 5 stars


I have been using Noni fruit leather and Icy heat sports lotion for about 2 months now. My blood pressure is going lower every day and my knees haven't felt this good ever ( I had both knees replaced and have had pain ever since). Knees were replaced about 3 years ago. I recommend this product to every one.

5/ 5 stars


I live in Huntington Beach, CA and we have a male English Bulldog we adopted 5 yrs ago. He came with All the typical problems that come with the breed; food and environmental allergies, breathing issues, ear infections, inner-digial cysts, etc... I have incorporated the NONI Fruit Leather as part of his daily diet, as well as using it topically on the flare-ups on his paws and belly. It is now a Must-Have item in our house hold. Thank You for the Wonderful Product!!

Unusual use worked!
5/ 5 stars


We discovered the Noni Leather and Icy Hot recently while on Kauai. Bought it on a whim to try to help my husband whose ankle had been swollen for months with no explanation and for whom numerous medications and herbals hadn't produced any results. In two days, the swelling had gone down and after about a week was completely gone! But here's my "unusual" use... I had donated blood a week ago (platelets, actually, which requires two hours of the needle) and they messed up the vein. My arm is swollen with a huge bruise (6" circle) that keeps getting darker and hurting more and more. In desperation, last night I bound a piece of the Noni Leather to my arm and this morning, the bruising is 50% of the color it was last night! Just put on some Icy Hot and the pain is gone in the last 5 minutes! Cannot say enough good things about this product! BARBARA

Noni leather
5/ 5 stars


This noni leather is wonderful. The company is very helpful in product information. My husband has blood pressure issues and this works great! Thank you!

Nature's miracle....!
5/ 5 stars


I met this wonderfully crazy lady at the coconut marketplace farmer's market in Kapaa, she had been crippled for 2 years & after using Noni products she is one of the most active people I met while vacationing in Kauai! I tried a 2 x 2 piece of the Noni fruit leather & some of the Icy Heat Noni lotion on my low back, within minutes my aching back felt relief like never before! I have Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia & a few other problems so of course I bought a 4 months supply of Noni fruit leather, Icy Heat Noni lotion & the lavendar Noni lotion. I have used the lavendar lotion for just about everything including face cream at night, The Icy Heat Noni lotion is my lifesaver. I have been taking the Noni fruit leather twice a day as directed for a little over 30 days now & I am amazed how FANTASTIC I have been feeling!!! I am now & ALWAYS will be a lifetime Noni user...!!!! Thank you Hawaiian Organic Noni & that sweet crazy lady..! (I can't remember her name but she is AWESOME)

The best customer service
5/ 5 stars


Thank you for your amazing customer service. I've placed two orders on line since buying our original supply while we were on vacation in Kauai. Both have arrived in AL within just 3 or 4 days. It is good to know that I can get my orders delivered so quickly. Thank you for doing such a GREAT JOB. Donna

5/ 5 stars



5/ 5 stars


I visited Hawaii 5 times last year and was touring the Macadamia Nut Farm and was introduce to the Noni fruit. I have been suffering from Lupus and severe Rheumatoid arthritis for 19 years. In 2013 I have 4 surgeries and my worst year for my flares. I started taking the Noni fruit in July 2014 to date and it has been a miracle alternative solutions for my pain. Since I've taking the Noni, I only had one flare and that was during thanksgiving. The fruit has given me so much relief from all my joint pains. I used to wake up in the morning and if I can put weight on my ankle, that's how I determined the severity of my pain for that day. I'm a very active person but because of the lupus pain, it hinders me from doing exercises and enjoying outdoor activities. Since I've been taking the Noni, I have lost 21 lbs because it has given me so much energy and relief from the pain that I'm able to go back to do my exercise and hiking. I have introduce the fruit to all my friends and they have been taking it as well and showed some relief from multiple pains, migraines and joint pains. Thank you so much for this miracle alternative from medicine.

Absolutely amazing
5/ 5 stars


After my sheltie was diagnosed with whip worm and the meds prescribed by the vet failed to rid her of them I went searching the net for possible natural remedies. I read a review by someone claiming Noni rid her dog of whip worm by using Noni. I decided to try it, and the results are nothing short of amazing g. Not only did it clear the worms, but she also had a growth in the corner of her eye by her nose, which the vet has been advising should be removed via surgery. Since using Noni for about a month, the growth has shrunk so much that I have to search in order to see it! Since nothing else has changed, it has to the Noni causing it to disappear. To say I am amazed is not saying enough. I have 4 dogs, and they are all taking Noni daily now, and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. THANK YOU!!!!

Amazed by this!
5/ 5 stars


I am not on to write reviews about things I purchase on line, but had to say something about this Noni Leather. I have an auto immune disease called transverse myelitis. Very rare. I take another natural product for the pain that helps somewhat. A friend recommended I try this Noni Leather some time ago, and I finally did. I also have the Lavender Lotion. I was totally amazed at how it worked in conjunction with my other plant product. From the first try, I went through the entire day without pain! I have to admit that it's not the best tasting, but so worth it! I was always in such a grouchy mood all the time because of the chronic pain, however, this has changed my whole outlook on life. If anyone's reading these reviews wondering if they should try it, Do it! You will not be disappointed. I am definitely telling others that have this same illness in the mainland about the amazing results I've gotten from the leather and the lavender lotion.

Fruit leather eased my pug's joint pain
5/ 5 stars


My sweet pug was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. He could hardly walk, lost weight, turned gray overnight. Broke my heart. I didn't want to pump him with pain meds for the rest of his life so I decided to try noni leather because it had helped me so much with my hip pain. I dry out a sheet of the leather until it's "crispy" and then tear it into small pieces and grind them in my coffee grinder into a powder. I put 1/2 tsp. on his food each day and he's made a remarkable recovery. Back to 99%.

Pain in my hip, knees and feet!
5/ 5 stars


While on a tour in Honolulu, our tour guide Jake told the group about Noni. He's a native of Hawaii and told us how the elders put the Noni fruit and a jar and allowed it to ferment. He told us about the smell and horrible taste. Then he told us about the amazing healing that this fruit provided. We were amazed. He then told us about the Noni IcyHeat Lotion. OMG, I could wait to get some. Before I left the Island, I placed an order. The day after I arrived home, I received my Noni Fruit Leather and Noni IcyHeat Lotion. Before I went to sleep I rubbed the IcyHeat Lotion on my hip, knees and feet. I slept through the night with no pain. When I got out of the bed, I felt no pain in my feet or knees. I am so happy to be pain free. This product is amazing. I told one of my friends about the products and she got very excited. I'll be placing an order for her today. Thank you. Myra

No more geographic tongue!!!
5/ 5 stars


While on Kauai this past April, my husband and I visited your farm. We were escorted from the highway to your paradise. We listened to the seminar thinking oh boy another snake oil sermon, but finally listening and speed reading some of the research I was able to upload while listening to the owner, we decided to buy a three month supply of the leather. When we got back to the condo, we started taking the leather as instructed. We stayed on the island for four days and back in California have just finished our supply with very satisfying results. My geographic tongue ( P.S. I do not smoke cigarettes), is smooth and gone, something that never ever, ever in all my life was! And it does not hurt and I am able to eat tomatoes and orange juice, strawberries, healthy foods that I would avoid because of the pain. And I am losing weight. As for my husband, his psoriasis is gone from his legs. So, I need to say this is no snake oil but the real thing. And I will continue to use and hope more benefits will occur. Thank you Steve! P.S. How is the Albatross ?

Noni Fruit Leather
5/ 5 stars


I had pneumonia and took an antibiotic and a steroid at the same time. This led to a case of thrush in my mouth (felt like there was hair stuck in the back of my mouth). I took the meds the doctor prescribed but the feeling returned in my mouth. I decided to put a piece of Noni Fruit Leather in the back my mouth (did this every night as I went to bed) and the feeling was gone in days!! My husband and I use many of your products but I had to share how thrilled I was with the Noni Fruit Leather!!

Success Stories
"I'm off to buy some leather before I leave this island!"

"While in Hawaii this past December I had a severe allergic reaction to the sun... broke out in hives from head to toe!! after itching and scratching for a couple of days already, my friend found some noni lotion at a farmers market. I applied it that night and was amazed at how much all my bumps had gone down the next morning. so I was off to find another farmers market so i could buy my own bottle of noni!! while I was there the sales lady got me to eat 5 small pieces of noni leather. the next day... my bumps are all significantly better, and i noticed that my symptoms of the bladder infection i have been fighting for the last year have gone away!! day 3 rash is gone! and my bladder still is better!! I'm off to buy some leather before I leave this island! "