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Noni: Long-Term, Lasting Arthritis Relief

By: Steve Frailey Thursday December 17, 2015 comments Tags: noni for pain, natural pain relief, noni for arthritis, scopoletin

If you have arthritis, you know how difficult it can be to manage chronic pain. Especially if you don’t want to rely too heavily on NSAIDs and other prescription painkillers, it can seem impossible to find relief. Now there’s a natural, effective way to relieve joint pain quickly, without any side effects.

Noni fruit is an extraordinary fruit in many ways, but it’s most remarkable for its ability to relieve pain and inflammation. It works right at the source of the problem to repair damaged tissues and allow a more normal lifestyle to continue.

Here’s how it works against the chronic pain of arthritis. 

Noni vs. Arthritis

Arthritis is loosely defined as painful inflammation and stiffness of joints, with over 3 million cases per year in the US alone. There are different kinds of arthritis, caused by wear-and-tear, infection, or underlying disease. Most of the time, we can’t be sure exactly why one person has arthritis and another does not.

There are three main categories of arthritis:

  • Osteoarthritis: wearing down of cartilage at the ends of bones
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: an autoimmune disorder which attacks the lining of the membranes surrounding joints, resulting in swelling, bone erosion, and joint deformity
  • Psoriatic Arthritis: inflammation of the skin and joints, starting with psoriasis and then spreading to the joints

Arthritis can be treated to reduce pain and maintain joint mobility. Treating arthritis usually requires medication, physical therapy, and sometimes surgery.

But by taking a small supplement of noni each day, and applying noni lotion to the impacted area, you can treat both the pain and inflammation, naturally and non-invasively.

Animal Arthritis

Pets can get arthritis too. In fact, it’s very common in middle-aged to older pets. Arthritis can also happen in younger pets as a result of developmental disorders (such as hip dysplasia), injury, or obesity.

According to experts, you should look for:

  • Limping, especially upon first getting up
  • Difficulty moving or reluctance to move
  • Pets tiring and becoming irritable more easily
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Licking, chewing, or biting

Many pets suffer from arthritis without treatment, either because the medications or treatments are too expensive, or because the owner doesn’t realize the pet is in pain. A pet’s quality of life can be greatly improved by weight loss, exercise, massage, and by keeping the house warm — especially where the pet sleeps.

Many pets also end up taking medications to manage arthritis. But just like humans, pets can suffer negative side effects from these drugs. Particularly, prolonged used of NSAIDs can be harmful.

Noni for pets is a more affordable, effective solution, which has no negative side effects whatsoever. In fact, it has additional benefits to improve your pet’s energy levels, metabolism, and overall health and well-being.

Veterinarian Testimonial: Dr. Joyce Harman

“I think noni is a very useful, very safe, very broadacting supplement...I’m also using it a lot more to treat Lyme disease because of its immune-stimulating properties and ability to treat arthritis.”

What’s Noni’s Secret?

Noni is one of the most complex and unusual fruits in nature, but it contains one beneficial compound in particular that is being scientifically evaluated for its anti-inflammatory and natural pain-relieving qualities.

Scopoletin is a phytochemical that performs many functions. It seems to normalize blood pressure, fight bacteria, and regulate serotonin levels, in addition to relieving pain and inflammation.

Pain and Inflammation Relief

Noni has been proven in scientific studies, as well as in countless testimonials and anecdotes, to have a powerful impact on pain.

In fact, in 2010, Phytotherapy Research (24[1]:38-42) published a study from the University Clinic in Hamburg, Germany showing that preparations of noni “are effective in decreasing pain and joint destruction caused by arthritis.” The analgesic activity of noni fruit “reduced the pain sensitivity comparably to the central analgesic drug tramadol.

Another study published in Acta Pharmacologica Sinica (23[12]:1127-1141) found that noni extract did not exhibit any toxic effects but did show significant anti-inflammatory and central analgesic activities. So significant, in fact, that it was estimated to be 75 percent as effective as morphine, yet totally safe and side-effect free.

Noni relieves the symptom of pain most directly when applied topically to the area in the form of lotion. Noni fruit doesn’t just relieve the symptoms of pain, however. When taken internally, it heals from the inside out by targeting the inflammation causing the pain. This helps to actually slow down the damage being done to the joints, rather than just masking the pain.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It…

One of the best parts of my job is the testimonials that come in from the many people who noni has helped. Hearing how our product improves quality of life inspires me to continue spreading the word about noni, especially about how noni is a natural pain reliever.

Here are some inspiring stories I’d like to share with you, of people who have gotten their lives back from arthritis thanks to the healing power of noni fruit.

Sandy F.

"In February (2011), my husband and I returned to the wonderful Island of Oahu. While on a tour of the beaches, a disk in my back and my arthritic knees were causing me quite a bit of pain. Our tour bus driver, also a firm Noni user, asked if I would let Bob put some Noni lotion on my back. I did and as the tour continued I could tell Noni was helping. When we stopped for lunch, I put Noni on my knees and the next day, during a walk, it dawned on me that I had no pain. The rest is history. I continue to use Noni every morning and night, and have found that it has even taken away the swelling in my knees."

Sara L.

"I was very skeptical when I visited the noni farm a few months ago in Kauai, but this stuff has been a lifesaver. I was diagnosed with chronic arthritis in my neck before our trip. When I got back I was scheduled for shots, doctor's appt's and ultimately surgery. I started taking the noni fruit leather and using this lotion on my neck and within a couple days I had 80% relief. After a week I was 100% free of pain. I've been using this for 3 months and I am still totally pain free and no more numbness/tingling in my fingers. I must say I have to take the fruit leather too...3-4 times a day (which I find to be the most effective of the products) but this icy hot is great to put on the area you have pain in. It also works if you put it on the bottom of your feet too (not sure why but they recommend it and it does seem to help!)"

Mark B.

“Noni has changed my life. After hearing about Noni on our last trip to Kauai, I have tried both the Lavender lotion and the fruit leather. I have tried all categories of prescription pain relief and nothing worked. Noni does! I felt immediate, significant effects in pain reduction for my osteoarthritis and joint aches. Tasks which were overwhelming to undertake have once again become possible. Also, there is a mood enhancer effect which makes them enjoyable.”

How to Use Noni for Arthritis

We recommend a combination of Noni Fruit Leather and one of our noni lotions to tackle both the pain and root inflammation of arthritis.

For chronic arthritis, experiment to find the right amount of Noni Fruit Leather to take each day. Start with two 2x2 inch squares per day. If you are not seeing the desired effect build up to 3-4 pieces. We recommend spreading the pieces out throughout the day, so it stays in your system.

For general all-purpose pain-relief, you may like our Noni Lavender Lotion, which has a soothing scent and is gentle enough to use multiple times per day on the affected area. You may also like our IcyHeat Noni Lotion, which contains menthol and camphor for a quicker response for pain relief.

We make fruit leather and lotion for pets as well!

Experiment and give noni a true test, and you’re likely to find, as so many before you have, that your arthritic pain and inflammation is dramatically improved. Don’t live your life in service to arthritis! Noni is here to help you take your life back from chronic pain.

Have you used noni to combat arthritic pain and inflammation for you or your pets? Share your story in the comments!

Steve Frailey

About the Author: Steve Frailey

My wife and I (Steve Frailey) moved to Kauai, Hawaii in 1982 from our organic farm in California. There were no roads, electricity, water or buildings but lots of Noni trees (Morinda Citrifolia) in our valley. We also developed a deep relationship with Noni that was growing all through our valley.  Today we run our Hawaiian Organic Noni farm, and share the gift of health with people throughout the world.