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My whole family is AMAZED

We visited your farm in August of 2014. We bought some of ALL of your products.
Icy/Heat for sore muscles.
Noni lotion for general skin care.
Noni Leather as a supplement.
Bio bandage for pet Bulldog.
My wife and I truly feel that we DO FEEL better overall taking the leather.
Our Bulldog absolutely LOVES it and thinks it is a treat and Best of All he acts like a PUPPY again. Pretty amazing for a 6 yr old Bulldog.
Liver spots on my arms and hands have nearly disappeared, and my skin feels and looks much better now. My overall skin tone has gotten more even and healthy (I have quite FAIR skin).
The Noni lotion is put on by my wife and me just before we go to bed...We sleep wonderfully!
We've cut back on many other supplements that we were taking to help our overall health now that we have found NONI. Wonderful product with good results...Thank you!

-Mike Bailey


Improved cases health and well being

Here's what has happened with my cats: I have two cats who have not been well for the past couple of years: Leo and Sophie. I started Leo on Noni twice a day, along with his regular meds. I have noticed more vitality in his step, a mood lift and a better appetite. As for Sophie, she has always been a fragile little kitty, especially in balance, size and strength. She had also developed the habit of grooming her lower extremities constantly, due to stress from new cats in the household or the high number (6!) of fellow felines. It got to a point where I had to start putting dog jackets on her to hide her lack of fur (she' d licked it almost completely off!). Her appetite was also very low, most of the time. I wanted to give her both Noni lotion and fruit leather, so I applied the lotion twice a day and gave her half a strip, morning and night. Within 2-3 days her fur started appearing and by a week, she looked normal once again! She still licks, so I apply Noni once a day to those parts and other places where her fur is sparse. The most amazing thing is that even on the lower part of her belly where she'd not had fur since her sterilization 4 years ago, she now has the tiny beginnings of fur! I will continue to keep up with the Noni lotion. As for the fruit leather, I have noticed a definite increase in her appetite and a clearer state of mind - and much more energy than before! All six of my cats get Noni at least three times a week and all seem to look and feel a little more chipper than before! I am so thrilled with the results it has given to my kitties!



My dog

My wife and I both take Noni, we started giving it to our dogs. Our oldest dog is 13 yrs old. Her vision improved and she also has more energy, she plays and runs. Thanks 



Thank you for making Noni as pure as you folks do

I have an 16 year old Lab/Female and she will be 17 sometime this year. I give her the Noni, a 3" sq. pcs. in the morning and evening and found it helps her mobility and energy. After about 3 or 4 days in giving it to her she wanted to run again. In the evening she sleeps a lot better and without waking up breathing heavy, she is a lot more comfortable while she has been taking Noni. Also from taking Noni, she is more active then before and alert. I wish I knew about Noni before, I had 3 other Labs. I will start my other 2 on Noni also to help keep them healthy. Thank you for making Noni as pure as you folks do, keep up the good work!

-Alan Fong


My neurotic poodle loves this stuff

My neurotic poodle loves this stuff. He just turned 10 years old, he always seemed younger than his age, I decided to add Noni to his diet just to make sure he stays in good health. I could swear it reversed his age,(knock on wood) he's behaving like he did when he was 4 or 5 yo! He's SUPER energized and keeps up playing around with 1.5 -3 year old. HIGHLY recommend for daily diet intake as a basic maintenance measure.



Your products are wonderful

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful products. We brought the leathers, sport and lavender lotions. I'm using them on my upper back and neck. Finally after 4 plus years of agony, I'm feeling relief. I have not had to go to the chiropractor in a month. I've recommended the sports icy heat sport formula to my sister for her back pain. She was so impressed with it after one use, she ordered her own bottle today. Our little 14 year old Chihuahua absolutely loves her Noni leather treat. She gets 1 per day and begs for more. I can see a big difference in her gait and overall disposition in just 3 weeks. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful tour, I learned so much and appreciate all the hard work you do to produce this gem of a product. I will be reordering soon. Kind regards

-D Taylor


We're believers!

We had (as always) a great vacation on Kauai and it was hard coming back to the mainland back to the old grind. I had an opportunity to use the Noni IcyHeat the day after our visit as I had a run-in with some rocks while snorkeling and banged up my leg a bit. Within a couple of days the swelling was gone and the black/blue mark vanished, pain was gone in a couple of hours! Even used the lotion on some skin issue.... trust me.... we're believers! We have been giving Noni leather to our dogs since last week, and we have seen a pick up in energy in our 13 year old bishon frise. Spreading the Noni word in South Carolina!

-Barb and Tim


Vet Recommended

For one month my holistic veterinarian has been giving me Noni Fruit Leather for my three little dogs. The changes are wonderful; so much so when I looked up on your website, I realized people can take it too! So I'm putting in my first order, and I can't wait to see the difference in all of us for years to come! Thank you!