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Plan a Safe Picnic This Summer

By: Lola Frailey Wednesday June 27, 2018 comments Tags: noni for bug bites, noni for skin

Summer means only 2 things to kids: No school and summer fun! Camping, swimming, playing sports outside, and fun in the sun (don’t forget sunscreen). Almost all of these activities involve bringing food to enjoy and share. Before we kick off summer, let’s go over some simple yet effective reminders to keep everyone safe (and healthy) in the upcoming summer months.

Plan ahead

Here is a list of items you may need this summer: food thermometer, cooler chest with ice, bottled water, serving utensils, storage containers, paper towels, wipes/hand sanitizer, bandaids and trash bags.

Wash Hands/Surfaces Often

When arriving at the gathering site, wash hands and surfaces before preparing food. If running water is not available, use disposable wet wipes or hand sanitizer to clean your hands before and after touching food.

Know the temperatures!

Don't leave food out in the hot weather for more than one hour. To keep cold food safe, food needs to be kept colder than 40°F or hotter than 140 to prevent bacteria from growing.

Here are some additional tips to keep food safe:

-Take only the amount of food you think you'll use.
-Reserve the bottom of the cooler for colder food items.
-Store cold drinks in a separate cooler since the drinks cooler will be opened and closed frequently.
-Keep foods covered to prevent contamination as insects can carry harmful bacteria and viruses.-Unpack your cooler as soon as you arrive home.
-Cold food items kept in a cooler that still contains ice may still be safe. If the ice is melted, throw out the food. Cold water cannot keep foods cold enough to be safe (remember the 40 rule).

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