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Steve Frailey- My Noni Story

By: Steve Frailey Wednesday June 20, 2018 comments Tags: noni health benefits, noni for blood pressure, noni for pain, noni for blood sugar


Over thousands of years Polynesians and Hawaiians learned by trial and error the amazing ability of Noni to heal or act as a natural preventative. Research has shown that the raw pulp of Noni is extremely high in anti-inflammatory and natural anti-oxidant properties. Is Noni a miracle? No. Does Noni heal? Absolutely, if you do not destroy the potency of the raw pulp in processing.

We recently posted to Facebook a short video of me on the farm showing you a Noni Fruit, talking about traditional uses and what Noni has done for me over the years.

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My Noni Story
I just turned 69 several weeks ago. I had my annual physical and a review of my blood test. My Family Doctor said: “Whatever you are doing, please keep on doing the same. Your blood work is fantastic. All of your key parameters are perfect – your blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure levels are exactly where they should be." Of course I told him I eat Noni Fruit Leather every day and use the Noni lotions topically. I also get plenty of exercise maintaining the organic farm.

Several years ago, I was demolishing an old wooden barn to replace with our new metal barn. At the end of the day after my helpers had left, I started removing the wooden rafters by myself. Several hours later, I awoke in the ER room after having a CAT scan, x-ray and MRI, looking into the face of a nurse. She asked me: “Do you know your name?” I had fallen through the barn roof, knocked myself out with a concussion, and needed 10 stitches on my forehead and cheek. My family put me on lock down for several weeks to recover from the concussion. During the whole ordeal, I not once experienced any pain! I doubled my dosage of Noni Fruit Leather (4 -2x2 inch pieces per day) and applied both Noni lotions multiple times per day. Using the Noni Lavender Lotion on the lesions on my face prevented any scar tissue forming and healed the cuts faster.

So those are some of my personal experiences with our raw food Noni products. I would like to add that taking the Noni Fruit Leather internally gives me lots of energy to work on the farm. Applying the Noni Lavender Lotion or IcyHeat Noni Lotion to my arm and legs before going out to work all day weed eating, trimming trees or picking fruit gives energy directly to the muscle tissue preventing any muscle fatigue, cramps or pain. Perhaps the most noticeable benefit that I have observed from taking Noni internally is the fact that I have not had a cold or flu in 25 years. As raw food, the Noni Fruit Leather acts as a preventative along with keeping this body, mind and spirit functioning in a tip top shape. Research has shown raw Noni pulp to contain anti-inflammatory and natural anti-oxidants. 

Without considering the other 165 beneficial compounds in the raw pulp of Noni, the high anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties help prevent the &ldquo inflammation diseases” – arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune , etc. Our Noni Fruit Leather and Noni lotions are not a drug but raw food.

For me, Noni is a raw food that feeds the the body, enabling the cells of the body to heal thyself. You are what you eat and what you put on your skin. 

Steve Frailey

About the Author: Steve Frailey

My wife and I (Steve Frailey) moved to Kauai, Hawaii in 1982 from our organic farm in California. There were no roads, electricity, water or buildings but lots of Noni trees (Morinda Citrifolia) in our valley. We also developed a deep relationship with Noni that was growing all through our valley.  Today we run our Hawaiian Organic Noni farm, and share the gift of health with people throughout the world.