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Sustainable Wind Energy and Solar Voltaic: Irrigation on the Coast of Kauai

By: Eric Erickson Wednesday November 13, 2013 comments Tags: organic farming, organic noni farm, sustainable farming

Farmers are increasingly facing energy challenges when it comes to powering their farms and irrigating their crops. The costs of electricity and the scarcity of water are factors every farmer must face. At Hawaiian Organic Noni, sustainable energy means using wind power, no-refrigeration drying processes, and utilizing our own wells for irrigation that are powered by the sun. 

Wind and Sun energy are among the cornerstones of producing organic noni on the idyllic coast of Kauai. Windmills harness the power of the wind to convert turbine rotation into electricity. Windmill energy is, of course, nothing new. Windmills have been used for centuries to convert the earth’s most basic resource into energy. Using our own wells, our solar voltaic systems harness the sun’s energy to pump all of our irrigation needs..

How Hawaiian Organic Noni Uses Wind Energy and Solar- voltaic Power

Coastal farms often benefit from consistent winds. This wind can be converted to energy in a number of ways. At Hawaiian Organic Noni, Steve Frailey uses wind energy to produce electricity which serves the electrical demands of the farm. Wind turbines use rotating blades that activate a gear box that converts spinning into electricity. Our Solar-voltaic systems, powered by the sun, pump all of our water needs from our own wells.

In this way, Hawaiian Organic Noni’s sustainable practices.

An Earth-Friendly Farm

At Hawaiian Organic Noni, sustainability matters. In addition to wind and sun energy, we have developed an integrated system of sustainable systems:

  • Our own wells draw water from underground. This re-uses water and collects run-off in the most efficient way. Rather than use of public water supplies, noni is grown through well-water pulled from the earth by the sun’s energy
  • Windmills help serve the electrical demands of our farm, including the low-heat dehydration system that gives us Noni Fruit Leather
  • In order to slow fermentation, many fruit harvesters must use refrigeration practices. At organic noni is processed at the full potency before fermentation occurs.  Raw noni has the optimal preventative health benefits. To preserve this, they use a unique dehydration system below 115 degrees that preserves the highest possible concentration of noni’s beneficial enzymes and vital nutrients.

Sometimes sustainability is also the most practical options. Hawaiian Organic Noni has been able to conserve the earth’s natural resources, while bringing you the most beneficial and potent noni possible.

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