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The History of Real Organic Noni - Centuries of Natural Health Care

By: Eric Erickson Saturday October 19, 2013 comments Tags: noni health benefits, natural antioxidants, raw food noni, canoe plants

Historians estimate that the Polynesians brought noni fruit to Hawaii as one of their "canoe plants" to help start new cultures on new islands. Noni was used as their main medicinal plant. The year 1778 brought European settlers, and with them a host of maladies previously unknown to the islands. For the first time, Hawaiians were plagued with illnesses they had never seen before.   

The Healing Secret of Polynesians

Today, we know the science behind the effectiveness of noni. The natural enzymes in raw noni include one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants on earth. Hawaiians have used the fruit as preventative health care and a natural remedy for skin irritations for centuries. During WWII, soldiers were introduced to noni as sustenance, but traditional healers utilized the root, stem, leaves, and flowers of the fruit, as well as the raw noni fruit pulp. The antioxidants in noni have a variety of health benefits, including:

  • Immune booster 
  • Soothing skin irritations
  • Helps relieve sore muscles
  • Preserves youthfulness and wards off skin aging

Today’s Noni – Natural Healer from Hawaiian Organic Noni

The science of noni has come a long way. Ancient folk-tales record Kamapua’a taunting the goddess Pele, accusing her of using noni to treat the redness in her eyes. The Tongan god Maui was reportedly resurrected by noni leaves. Now, the folks at Hawaiian Organic Noni have developed a way to bring the power of raw noni to the world.

To prevent the effects of fermentation, a natural process that breaks down the antioxidant power in perishable fruits, Hawaiian Organic Noni utilizes a unique low-heat drying process to produce noni fruit leather. This process preserves the highest concentration of natural enzymes, allowing folks around the world to enjoy the good health promoting benefits of raw noni, a raw food and dietary supplement that helps users promote overall good health, wellness and energy. 

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