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The Power of the Noni Tree: Morinda Citrifolia and its Many Uses

By: Eric Erickson Tuesday October 22, 2013 comments Tags: morinda citrifolia, noni tree

What can a fruit with a bitter taste and a foul odor do for you? Find out from  Hawaiian Organic Noni.

The Benefits of the Noni Tree 

The adult noni tree can reach up to 40 feet in height, producing 20 lbs. of fruit by age five, and reaching 500 lbs. of fruit production thereafter. Noni fruit have been used as famine sustenance and as folk-medicine for centuries. It is believed that Polynesians first brought the plant to Hawaii due to the great value the tree played in promoting overall good health and wellness.

Ancient Hawaiians didn’t know the science behind the fruit; they just knew that it worked. The morinda citrifolia has many tricks up her sleeve, including – 

  • Great source of natural antioxidants
  • Soothes skin irritations
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Relieves muscle pain and joint stiffness

Gifts from the Gods – Harnessing the Power of Noni

Noni fruit contains damnacanthal, a T-cell stimulating compound. What we do know is this: raw noni is an antioxidant rich superfood which helps to promote and support healthy cells. 

The power of noni lies in its raw form. Hawaiian Organic Noni does not use fermentation but rather a unique low heat drying process below 115F that maintains the maximum potency of the raw fruit.  Their Noni Fruit Leather, is a “superfood” that can be used around the world to harness the power of noni.

About the Author: Eric Erickson

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