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Three Decades and Counting The Hawaiian Organic Noni Farm and the Healing Sensation of Noni

By: Eric Erickson Saturday November 9, 2013 comments Tags: albatross, steve frailey, organic farming, morinda citrifolia

When Polynesians arrived in what is today Kauai, they found over 1,300 species of indigenous plant-life. They also brought along a few of their own, including the morinda citrifolia. The fruit produced by this tree is noni, and early settlers knew better than to leave home without it. Polynesians already knew about the healing power of noni. Today, a 70 acre organic farm on the northernmost edge of the Hawaiian Islands preserves this power so that people around the world can benefit from it.

A Man, a Farm, a Dream, and an…Albatross?

Steve Frailey began cultivating noni at what was then named Sunrise Organic Farm in 1981. His farm, located on the idyllic coast of Kauai, overlooks the brilliant blue Pacific Ocean, teeming with turtles, whales, and dolphins. The farm, in addition to being the ideal place to cultivate noni, also resides next to albatross nesting grounds. Steve and his family at Hawaiian Organic Noni hold an annual Name That Chick Contest and post photos of the newborn albatross growing on Facebook. 

Sustainable and Efficient Farming

At the Hawaiian Organic Noni family Farm, Steve has been a pioneer of self-sustainable farming. He uses his own wells for irrigation using drip irrigation which reduces the consumption this important resource. He uses solar-voltaic energy to pump well-water, conserving electricity. He uses his own windmills to run equipment and power the farm, and he cultivates and grows worms for composting, a highly effective and environmentally friendly way to increase fertilization and reduce waste.

While many of Hawaii’s noni crops are only cultivated during 10-month cycles, Steve’s no-till farming technique yields incredibly potent noni crops year-round. The farm has even become a tourist attraction, graciously welcoming guests  for a free 2.5 hour Organic Noni Farm and Wellness Tour on Mon, Wed and Fri by reservation. Guests on the tour visit the serene location, sample their raw organic noni products and learn firsthand about the benefits of noni as well as organic farming/gardening methods. 

The Results are in

The problem many manufacturers face distributing noni, is the notorious fermentation process. This reduces the health benefits significantly. Steve Frailey and Hawaiian Organic Noni developed a slow, low-heat dehydration process to solve this conundrum. Their unique low heat dehydration process (below 115F) produces the highest possible concentration of beneficial enzymes and vital nutrients, the closest thing to raw noni. Independent laboratory tests have shown their organic noni products with no added preservatives to have a 2 year shelf life with no refrigeration.

Noni Fruit Leather, Noni Lavender Lotion, IcyHeat Noni Lotion and IcyHeat Sports Formula Lotion are the closest things to the raw fruit as consumed and used by Polynesian settlers centuries ago. Just as they spread the bounty of noni to new lands, Steve and his family have found a way to deliver the health promoting power of noni to the world.

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