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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Us on Kaakaaniu Plantation

By: Lola Frailey Thursday October 15, 2015 comments Tags: Noni farm tour, free noni farm tour, organic farming, sustainable farming


If you’re planning a trip to Kauai (or need an excuse to plan one!) come visit Hawaiian Organic Noni on Kaakaaniu Plantation, where we grow our noni trees and create our organic Noni Lotions and Noni Fruit Leather!

 We’re located on the northeastern shore of Kauai, near lots of other unmissable activities, and the plantation is beautiful year-round.

We recently passed 130 reviews on TripAdvisor, and we’re celebrating by sharing the top 10 reasons to come take a tour of our organic family farm. Hope to see you soon! 

1. Take in the Gorgeous Scenery

We’re lucky to live on what we think is the most beautiful farm in the world. We’re just off the ocean, on the lush northeastern shore of Kauai, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and an albatross wildlife preserve. Every day, our farm is brushed with sea breezes from the trade winds that bring us the moisture our noni trees need to thrive.

Our farm is home to more than just noni trees—we also have coconut palms, banana, mango, avocado, lychee, citrus and many other tropical fruit trees and flowers that you can explore. We’ve lived here a long time, and we’ll help you identify everything you see! 

2. Get a Good Workout

Walking around our farm is an outdoor activity that’s perfect for the whole family. The walk isn’t strenuous, and we go at an easy pace so everyone can keep up. It’s just enough to get some sunshine and get the blood pumping! 

3. Meet Our Friendly Farm Animals

Our farm is home to a lot of animals, domesticated and wild. The farm’s domesticated animals include our dog, Bhakti, who loves to eat his daily dose of noni fruit leather each day. He’s a friendly, energetic dog who still behaves like a puppy thanks to the beneficial compounds in noni. You’ll also see our “Worm Hotel,” where our busy little friends turn food scraps into luscious topsoil, and the flocks of wild roosters that happily eat any noni that falls from the tree.


4. Learn Organic Farming Practices

On every farm tour, we share the organic farming practices we use to enrich our soil. Mulching, composting, vermicomposting (compost with worms), and making compost tea (sprayed on leaves of plants) are all covered on the tour.

We promise, these techniques are easy enough for you to do at home! Reduce your carbon footprint and boost your garden’s productivity at the same time! 

5. Discover the History of Noni Fruit

Noni fruit has been used as for it's health promoting properties for thousands of years. When Polynesian settlers first came to the Hawaiian islands, they brought noni seedlings with them to plant in their new homes. It was a source of raw food and they knew how important the fruit is to promoting good health!

Learn about traditional uses and preparations of noni on the farm tour, in particular, why noni juice is not a traditional usage! Published research has shown our Noni Fruit Leather to be 14 times more potent than noni juice because our unique low-heat process preserves the potency of the non-fermented pulp of noni. 

6. Learn the Benefits of Raw Noni Fruit 

Everyone on the farm is an expert on noni—in particular, how noni works to promote overall good health, wellness and energy in the body. We keep scholarly articles and studies about the beneficial compounds in noni, and about the results in clinical trials. You can browse those articles while on your tour, and you can also ask us tons of questions.

People on our farm tour often have creative and inspiring stories of how they’ve used noni to keep themselves and their families healthy—you can learn from others on the tour with you as well! 

7. Try a Perfectly Ripe Noni

Unless you live in an area where it grows, it’s pretty much impossible to try fresh noni fruit. That’s because, as soon as the fruit is picked, it begins to ferment. Very quickly, it goes bad and is inedible. This means it’s impossible to ship the raw fresh fruit.

On our farm tour, you will get to sample the fresh raw fruit. Some people love the flavor, and some people say the blue cheesy taste it too much for them, but either way, it’s an unmissable experience. If you don’t like it, you can feed the wild roosters! 


8. Sample Noni Products

Part of the tour is checking out the different noni products we make here on the farm. We’ll go through and explain each one’s uses and benefits, then we let you sample freely. You can try applying our noni lotions on any aches and pains you have, and sample our noni fruit leather. Many people experience pain relief even just over the course of the tour!

We also usually make up some noni tea for farm tours. Noni tea is an awesome, refreshing, naturally sweet way to get your daily dose of the beneficial compounds in noni fruit. If you want the recipe, you can get it here!

You also get the opportunity to buy noni products right from the farm, which means you don’t have to pay shipping! 

9. Meet Your Farmers

Since marketers can pretty much make any claims they want to about how “healthy” their products are, I believe it’s very important to develop a relationship with the people who grow your food. That includes raw food like noni!

We’re happy to take people on tours of our farm, because we’re proud of our practices and we love to share them with the world. You’ll get to meet us and ask us any questions you might have, and you’ll also get to see our farm, orchards and learn about our processing facility for yourself! 

10. The Tour is Free!

Finally, you can’t beat the price! We don’t charge for our tours, because we’re passionate about spreading the word about noni, and we want to share how we do it with you. We promise you 2 ½ hours of fun and learning, perfect for the whole family—all you have to do is call ahead and book your tour!

Click here to learn more about the farm tour!

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