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"I am a believer!"

"Have been using noni lotion for a year now. Whenever I have aches and pain, it is my go to for relief. My 79 year old mom hooked too. Just bought noni leather, and I already feel better: no shoulder pain (I could hardly lift my arm) burning throat from acid reflux is gone, and it has helped with bowel movements. I am a believer!" 


Success Stories
"Relieves Pain"

"Lavender Noni Lotion helps relieve pain in my knees at night and allows me to sleep!" 

Renee Bonner,  Georgia

Success Stories
"My skin looks 20 years younger!"

"Hi, I live in Hawaii and I first found out about your noni lavender lotion at that Made in Hawaii festival in Honolulu. I've been using it for about, oh, maybe 8 years now, and I'm 78, and my skin looks like I'm about 58. It's smooth and clear, and all those liver and age spots are all gone. My skin use to tear easily and bleed, but now it's real soft and pliable, I really like it. And using that fruit leather and that Icyheat lotion, I was able to get rid of my arthritis in my elbow. So, I'm really grateful for your products. Thanks a lot and mahalo. I'm Lopaka Goodlow from Honolulu." 

Lopaka Goodlow,  Hawaii

" After my trainer puts me thru a rigorous workout, I need the lotion ASAP!!"

"At my youthful age of 74 I am thankful for this fabulous and effective lotion. My cranky knees respond immediately and after my trainer puts me thru a rigorous workout I need the lotion ASAP. With multiple applications the pain goes away super fast. It really works !!! It's like 100 times Arnica and smells good also." 


Success Stories
"Significantly reduced symptoms of pain"

"I have been giving the fruit leather to my seven-year-old dog, Gillead, for about three months. Gillead is a McNab (Border collie stock breed)/black lab mix who has profound hip dysplasia since the age of six months. She also suffers from wear on her knee joints. I have taken her to Dr. Molly Rice of Coastal Holistic Veterinary Services in Pacifica, CA, for acupuncture and chiropractic treatments for many years, and Molly recommended that I add the noni fruit to Gillead's diet to give her some relief from pain. " 

Jeanette Oliver,  San Francisco, CA

"Something everyone should have in their homes"

"I have loved the regular noni lotion for years since I first found it on a vacation in Kauai and have used it for rashes, bug bites, scrapes, burns etc. It is wonderful! So when I went to Kauai a month ago I went to find some more to take home (a bottle lasts a LONG time). That was when I found out that there was now the IcyHeat lotion and the fruit leather. I got some and then the next day had a nasty fall and banged myself up pretty badly. I pretty much bathed in the IcyHeat lotion, within days you could tell the swelling, pain and bruising was diminishing. I also took the noni leather twice a day. I bruise easily and any bruise usually lasts not less than 2-3 weeks so it was amazing to see the noni work its magic. LOVE it!! Next time I come to Kauai I am going to come to your farm---after the fall I didn't do much sightseeing." 

Dawn Gutnik  

"I cannot wait to see my Dr and have him see my inflammation is down."

"I have a lot of joint pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. After just four days of eating the fruit leather and putting the Icy Heat lotion on my legs and feet, I found that my joint pain was all but gone. I typically have difficulty standing up and walking right after sitting for an hour. I drove for two hours and got out like it was nothing! Then I sat in a meeting for almost two hours and also had no problems right after. My energy level is up and pain is down. I cannot wait to see my Dr and have him see my inflammation is down. I am so glad we found the Noni table at the Luau we went to while in Kauai!! Thank you!" 


Success Stories
"Jenny talks about how Noni helped her dog"

"" MacGuinnis (my dog) is constantly plagued by itchy skin...for the life of us we cannot determine the cause. Today Cardy gave him a bath using the usual anti itch shampoo which usually works. Today it did not, so I thought I would try Noni on him. That was several hours ago. I just brushed him....the one spot where I put Noni is the ONLY spot that was not sensitive to touch. Guess what? I just rubbed Noni Lotion onto the other areas. This is the first time I have used it on MacGuinnis and I am more than impressed by the results! " 

Jenny,  Honolulu, HI

"I noticed a dramatic reduction in the distortion in my vision caused by macular degeneration."

"I very recently purchased some Noni Leather and the Noni Lavender Lotion after taking the tour of the farm on Kauai. Within 8 days I noticed a dramatic reduction in the distortion in my vision caused by macular degeneration. I was so astounded and incredulous that I didn't say anything to my husband until the following day. I feared that it was temporary and would not last. After two weeks, the "squiggles" are still gone. I am anxious to see my eye doctor to see if there is a visible difference in my macula. My initial reason for the purchase was to see what it would do for my high blood pressure, so this was totally unexpected. I am still in absolute awe and most grateful for this "miracle"." 


"It works great!"

"I used the Lavendar Noni Lotion on my neck, back and knees! It works great! So thankful for your products!" 

Vaunda Stenzel,  Hawaii

Success Stories
" H-py-lori Bacteria Free!"

"I visited your island at the end of October and bought some Noni. I had ulcers and H-py-lori and the doctors treated me four times and couldn't get rid of it. I took Noni fruit leather for six weeks and retested. I am bacteria free. Thank You for such a wonderful product! Thirty years I have fought ulcers. " 

Sandra Freeman  

"No coughing or wheezing"

"I am fostering a 12 years old Chihuahua with congestive heart failure, enlarged heart, and heart murmur.She was not supposed to live more than three month. The day I received her I gave her noni leather in the morning and evening because she was wheezing and had a terrible moist cough. Within 2 weeks the cough subsided and so did the wheezing. This product is amazing because she is good as new. She no longer sleeps all day and runs with my pack of dogs. When I took her to the vet the doctor said her heart sounded good. I believe she will live a long time with a quality life. I no longer see my doctor every 3 month. I see them every 6 month. I believe it has helped my scleroderma. I have recommended this product to many people because I have seen great results with myself and the dogs. Thank you" 

Jean Verville  

Success Stories
"Acne Treatment"

"Went to Farmers Market and purchased the lotion. I had terrible acne and have been struggling with it for years! Within a week my face was clearing up. Finally at the age of 44 my face is completely clear! I can walk around without make up for the first time! This product is amazing and I highly recommend it! " 

Alicia,  Soders

Success Stories
"I love this stuff!"

" My spouse and I chew a little noni leather everyday We haven't caught any of the colds and flus going around yet this year. We also tried the lotion on sore joints and muscles with excellent results. I love this stuff!" 


"Thanks for making the most powerful Noni on the planet!!!!"

"Hi Steve: Capt Jo reporting here. And yet another Noni miracle..... I had the worst-in-my-life-episode-of gastric reflux. The pain in my chest was so intense I paced frantically unable to swallow with huge amounts of mucous coming up from my throat (anyone who has a GERD issue, knows exactly what I am talking about!!) Well , I sucked a small piece of Noni leather and within 2 minutes my esophagus opened up and the bolus of food that was stuck in my throat was released. Generally I can be suffering for over an hour before the food moves. Thanks for making the most powerful Noni on the planet!!!! Capt Jo " 

Jo ann Burton,  USA

"Helps My Psoriasis"

"I've been using noni product for about a year. I bought it first, because I stopped by the booth last year at the convention center in Anaheim. They smeared it on my back and I got rid of my back pain in about 5 minutes. So, I heard it was good for psoriasis and so I bought a case of it. And I've been using the noni lotion, in my hair, to get rid of psoriasis. Now you'll never get rid of psoriasis entirely, but it will control it. I put it on my hair at night and the next morning I don't have any more psoriasis scabs and flaking of scalp. It lasts for about two days, so I thoroughly recommend those products. I'm now going to try noni fruit leather for ingestion internally." 

Natural Product Expo West,  Anaheim, CA

Success Stories
"I love your product"

"Gentlemen, I love your product. I have been using Noni for 6 months now, but like the Noni Leather the best. A friend advised Noni juice from Tahiti about 6 months ago. I had been using Noni-Juice Plus and Noni Pacific, both from Tahiti, but I found Noni leather to be significantly better. I use the lotion too on sore muscles. My entire life I have had stomach problems and have taken many prescription medicines, but none have worked as well as Noni. Noni gives me immediate and lasting relief. I bought the Noni-Pacific at Whole Foods and orders the Noni-Juice Plus from the internet. Both products, although aided my ulcer/acidic stomach, they also both constipated me. While visiting Hawaii, I purchased the Noni leather and found it also aided my bad stomach immediately, and didn't have any negative side effects, as the other two had. Also, Noni juice is difficult to travel with, as it must be refrigerated. Noni leather can be taken anywhere and stored easily. I have found this to be the best Noni product that I have used and will continue to use Noni leather and lotion. Thank you for making such a great product." 

Susie Petrizzio,  CA

Success Stories
"Simply amazing!"

""Very few people understand the pain and suffering my psoriasis causes but your lotion brings immediate relief and promotes healthy skin growth." "I have suffered from terrible psoriasis and eczema on my hands (and body) for years. I have tried all kinds of lotions and sprays only to find that sunshine and salt water work best. My father recently went on a cruise to Hawaii and found your Lavender Noni Lotion. I used your product for about two weeks and it was simply amazing! It goes on easy and does not sting. It creates a 'liquid bandage' of sorts and promotes healthy non-psoriatic skin cell growth. It is nongreasy and easily transportable- I simply love it! Very few people understand the pain and suffering my psoriasis causes but your lotion brings immediate relief and promotes healthy skin growth. Even better is the fact that your product is completely organic- a breath of fresh air in the world of chemicals and synthetics we are currently living in. Thank you for creating this product and keep up the good work." " 

M.L.,  New York City, New York.

"Healed my torn meniscus"

"I am 57 and I injured my knee badly. I went and had an MRI which showed I had a bad tear in the meniscus. The Doctors wanted to perform surgery on my knee. I found out about the Noni Fruit Leather and started taking a 2 inch square every day and applying the Noni lotion. Before Noni I was using a cane, after two months I did not need to use a cane. Since then I've been hiking and leading an active lifestyle because of the Noni. " 

Kristen,  Illinois

Success Stories
"No Pain"

"In February (2011), My husband and I returned to the wonderful Island of Oahu. While on a tour of the beaches, a disk in my back and my arthritic knees were causing me quite a bit of pain. Our tour bus driver, also a firm Noni user, asked if I would let Bob put some Noni lotion on my back. I did and as the tour continued I could tell Noni was helping. When we stopped for lunch, I put Noni on my knees and the next day, during a walk, it dawned on me that I had no pain. The rest is history. I continue to use Noni every morning and night, and have found that it has even taken away the swelling in my knees. Steve I cannot thank you enough for making this wonder product. Quite a few of our friends, church members and pastor are now using Noni." 

Sandy Folden,  Monmouth, Il