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We Love Our Pets!

By: Lola Frailey Monday December 5, 2016 comments Tags: noni for pets, holistic pet care

Our pets make us so happy. With their unique, lovable personalities and their individuality, every pet we have is adored and cherished. We do our best to provide them with a comfortable, safe home, so they can live happily beside us. We go to great lengths to make sure they have everything they need: from the best bed, to the most fun toy, to the nicest walks. But sometimes we forget how important our pets diet is to their health and happiness!

Did you know?

Noni is good for your pets too! Especially our certified organic Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lotions.

Wait, what? How is Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lotion good for your pets?

It sounds strange, but its one of the best things you can feed your pets. Lets look at some reasons why:

Feeding your pets noni

Just like humans, animals thrive when given a nutrient rich diet, especially one that includes raw foods containing the vital micronutrients and vitamins we need to thrive. Noni has over 165 beneficial compounds, all of which are advantageous for the health of your pet! Noni fruit has 17 of amino acids and all 9 essential amino acids that are critical for maintaining good health.

Its no secret that the average diet marketed to your pet - especially that of dogs and cats - is full of processed ingredients like:

  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Soybean Meal
  • Brewers Rice
  • Etc.

These ingredients arent good for your pets. They have no substance! On top of this, most pet foods contain GMO products and harmful additives.

Our Organic Noni Fruit Leather is full of the things your pets need and love, and its made with the same quality and standard as the Noni Fruit Leather you eat!

Try this: Most pets should eat a 2in x 2in square each day. For persistent conditions, an additional square or two can be added. Smaller animals (1 to 10 lbs.) can be given a 1in x 1in square. Your pet should love it! Dogs, cats, horses, goats and livestock, birds, and others are all known to love noni!

Noni helps maintain and support a normal:

  • Cardiovascular System
  • Energy Level
  • Immune System
  • Joint Function and Good Joint Health
  • Digestive System
  • Coat Texture

Noni helps maintain and support an already within normal range:

  • Blood Sugar Level

Using Noni Lavender Lotion for your pets

We also provide noni lotion for your pets. And guess what? It has the same quality ingredients and formula as the lotion you use!

Our Pet Noni Lotion may support, promote or soothe:

  • Skin Irritations
  • Sprains
  • Stiffness
  • Skin Discoloration
  • Skin Blemishes
  • Muscle Fatigue
  • Calm and Soothe Muscles

Noni lotion can be especially beneficial for horses. They face a number of skin irritations that can greatly reduce their quality of life. 

Its no secret that everyone wants the very best holistic pet care for their pets. We give them so much love! And with our organic Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lotions for pets, not only can we make them feel even more spoiled, but we can be assured that we’re giving them increased energy, alertfulness, playfulness, better appetite, and reduced stress! Plain and simple, Noni gives pets better quality of life! Try out noni for your pets today!

Lola Frailey

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