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Why Raw Noni Fruit and not Noni Juice

By: Lola Frailey Tuesday November 10, 2020 comments Tags: noni juice, noni fruit leather, noni health benefits

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Noni juice is made up of noni fruit, water, sugar, and oftentimes other juices. Many noni juice manufacturers claim that noni juice is the most potent form of noni. This simply is not true. 

An inherent part of creating noni juice is the fermentation process. When noni fruit is fermented, it destroys a great many of the naturally occurring compounds found in the pulp of noni. 

Dr. Brian Issell, who researched pure unfermented noni at University of Hawaii, said, "If fermentation is allowed, then a different chemical profile is almost certainly present. Also, liquid products that have grape or blueberry juice are chemically different." Plus, fermentation destroys all the digestive enzymes. 

Did you know? Research has identified over 165 beneficial compounds and enzymes in raw noni pulp, in a solid form not liquid form.  

Facts about Noni Juice:

  • Fermentation: Creates alcohol which destroys all the enzymes and many beneficial compounds.
  • Pasteurization: Heat destroys enzymes, antioxidants, and other beneficial micronutrients
  • Dilution: Fermented noni tastes unpleasant, so it’s usually masked with fruit juice or sugar
  • Less Potent: Fewer naturally occurring compounds in liquid form

How can you receive the maximum benefit from noni? Noni Fruit Leather and <a href=noni fruit">

Traditionally, noni was eaten raw, like a ripe plum or tomato, and that’s the tradition we adhere to here at Hawaiian Organic Noni. We spent years developing our low heat dehydration process that preserves the beneficial vitamins, minerals, and enzymes found in raw noni pulp, in the form of a raw Noni Fruit Leather that is non-fermented and shelf-stable without the need for pasteurization or refrigeration.

We sent samples of our Noni Fruit Leather and two leading brands of noni juice to an independent lab. Here are the findings:

  • Scopoletin: Noni Fruit Leather 12x more potent
  • Damnacanthal: Noni Fruit Leather 12x more potent
  • Anthraquinone: Noni Fruit Leather 9x more potent

The lab was also able to verify that our Noni Fruit Leather is 14x more potent in antioxidants than noni juice. A daily two-by-two inch serving size of Noni Fruit Leather provides 6,024 ORAC units that’s more than what you need in a day! Learn more about orac values and antioxidants here!

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