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Why is Noni So Special- Natural Acne Treatment

By: Lola Frailey Friday October 6, 2017 comments Tags: noni for skin, natural skin care, noni for acne, scopoletin

The final piece in the skin section of “Why Noni is So Special” is acne.

Oh acne! How we despise thee! To eliminate acne let’s briefly discuss what acne is.

To put it plainly, acne starts when your sebaceous glands clog your skin’s pores due to the sebum (or oil) that your skin naturally produces. These pores become inflamed and infected causing redness to appear on the skin that acne is so famous for. Sever cases of acne (cystic acne) are nodules lying below the skin's surface that have become inflamed and infected. Cystic acne is very painful and usually results in scarring.

The first step to reducing acne is to eliminate the inflammation in your skin. Noni fruit contains over 165 powerful compounds. One such compound is scopoletin that works as a natural anti-inflammatory and natural pain reliever. Applying Noni Lavender Lotion to the affected area can cause immediate pain relief helping you resist the urge to pick and scratch your acne. Noni fruit also contains compounds (like vitamin C) that act as anti-histamines, which can help reduce acne by decreasing your body’s sensitivity to skin irritants when cleansing and moisturising your skin.

The second step is ridding your body of the bacteria that causes acne. The anthraquinones found in the pulp of noni are naturally anti-bacterial capable of destroying harmful bacteria while simultaneously boosting your immune system. Taking Noni Fruit Leather internally in addition to applying the Noni Lavender Lotion topically can help reduce and possibly rid your body of acne.

Had acne for years and worried about skin damage? The compounds in noni pulp, specifically damnacanthal, can aid the proper development of healthy, normal new skin tissue.

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I found your product.....thank the heavens

Aloha from Canada! I visited the awe-inspiring Oahu on a family trip in July of this year and we visited a Macadamia nut farm and it was there that I found your product.....thank the heavens. I purchased the noni leather as well as the lavender noni lotion to 'test' the product out as I am a firm believer in healing body ailments with products of the earth. I have been suffering from acne since the age of 12 and nothing has ever helped. I've been on prescription pills, used brutal skin cremes that only tortured my skin even further and it wasn't until I started using the lotion and ingesting the leather that I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. Bottom line: my skin has never in the past 12 years of my life looked as amazing as it does now. I am a forever customer and believer in this product and just want to thank you for producing it. Much love from the north


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Lola Frailey

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