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Noni Health Terms

natural antibacterial

Antibacterial is anything that destroys bacteria or inhibits bacteria's ability to grow or reproduce. Research has shown noni fruit to be very antibacterial.

One way is that noni contains phenolic compounds such as acubin, alizarin, and scopoletin. A study by Locher in 1995 showed these compounds can help inhibit the growth of certain bacteria. Another way is that noni aids the body in producing nitric oxide. Nitric oxide can bind with certain types of bacteria (such as E. coli and Staphylococcus) and help destroy it. This is because these types of bacteria use sulfur and iron as transportation throughout the body. Nitric oxide acts as an antioxidant, binding itself to the transportation components ultimately destroying the bacteria. 

Noni also contains a wide variety of anthraquinones. Anthraquinones are a type of phenol produced by some plants. Many phenols, including a number of anthraquinones, have shown evidence of being beneficial for human health. Some of the anthraquinones in noni are antibacterial agents, able to help protect injuries from infection. Others fight enzymes that break down collagen in the body, which may slow down the aging process. Many anthraquinones also help regulate smooth digestion.

In two separate studies Bushnell (1950) and Dittmar (1993) noted the importance of the degree of ripeness for the fruit compounds to optimally work within the body. Their findings show that the highest antibacterial properties are found in ripe raw noni fruit. The process used to produce powders and juice include freeze drying and boiling which destroy the beneficial compounds. On the other hand, obtaining a reputable source of fresh fruit is hard to come by and can be very costly. Hawaiian Organic Noni has found a way to produce raw Noni Fruit Leather that uses the entire raw pulp of the fruit using a low heat dehydration process thus preserving and maintaining the maximum benefit that noni has to offer. Noni Fruit Leather also has a 2 year shelf life and is more cost effective and higher quality than most other noni products on the market. Research at an independent lab has shown Noni Fruit Leather to be 14 times more potent than Noni juice due to it's use of non-fermented noni fruit and a unique dehydration process maintaining the potency of the raw pulp of Noni.