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noni biobandage

The Noni BioBandage is our latest innovative organic healing formula. For skin conditions, the Noni BioBandage protects damaged areas and helps restore skin.

The Noni BioBandage is a thick paste, which is applied to a specific area of skin to protect it. As the BioBandage dries, it hardens into a shell that keeps debris out while still allowing the skin to breathe. At the same time, the Noni BioBandage provides lots of nutrients that your body needs to repair the damage.

As you may know, for many years, the only product made by Hawaiian Organic Noni was Noni Fruit Leather. Our topical products only came later, once we learned how big of an impact topically applied noni makes on pain relief and healing.

We got the idea for our Noni BioBandage from the many people who were calling in and letting us know that they had made their own biobandages by mixing the Noni Fruit Leather with water to make a paste, which they applied to their injuries to relieve abrasions and speed up healing.

We wanted to make things easier on you at home, so we decided to create our own version.

As an organic remedy, the Noni BioBandage can be placed directly on any injury or abrasion. It will help stop bleeding, stop or prevent infection and speed up the healing. Many have reported positive results applying to address toenail or fingernail fungus. Applying the Noni BioBandage to skin tags make them fall off within 1-2 weeks.

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