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Noni Health Terms

noni dosage

How much Noni Fruit Leather should I take?

For basic maintenance: We recommend one 2in x 2in square of our Noni Fruit Leather as raw food every day to help support overall good health, wellness and energy. 

For persistent conditions take two to four 2 inch by 2 inch pieces per day. Start with two pieces per day and if you are not getting the desired results simply up the dosage to four pieces per day. Take half in the morning and half in the evening as raw food

Note: You might be thinking, “A two inch square? That’s it? That sure doesn’t seem like very much...” But it’s important to note that the slow dehydration process used to make our Noni Fruit Leather pulls the water out of the noni pulp, not only preserving it and keeping all the antioxidants, enzymes, and over 165 beneficial compounds intact, but also concentrating the potency. This stuff packs a punch! Only 2 ounces of our Noni Fruit Leather contains the equivalent of fourteen 32 oz bottles of noni juice. So it may not seem like a lot, but you’re getting all the goodness your body needs from this remarkable fruit- as Noni Fruit Leather!

It’s important to remember too that every person is different, so your noni dosage is definitely related to each individual, and how each body responds to and assimilates the phytonutrients in noni.

One 2 oz package of Noni Fruit Leather if taken:

  • Daily= 32 day supply
  • 2 pieces per day= 16 day supply
  • 4 pieces per day= 8 day supply

But I didn’t buy your Noni Fruit Leather, I bought one of your Noni Lotions. How much of that should I use?

Our Noni Lotions are made with our Noni Fruit Leather, in a water base with a few added ingredients. So apply them as often as you like. Our recommendation is 2-3 times per day for less persistent conditions, and 4 or more times for more persistent conditions. The Noni Lavender Lotion is more general in usage- from soothing skin irritations to pain relief. The IcyHeat Noni Lotion or IcyHeat Sports Formula are specifically designed for pain relief and inflammation but not skin irritations or sensitive skin areas.

How much Noni BioBandage should I use?

A paste form of our Noni Fruit Leather, organic aloe gel and organic rosemary oil. The organic Noni Bio Bandage can be applied directly to the skin. Apply evenly across the desired area, and let dry. Don’t rub it in. The paste dries hard in 10 minutes adhering to the skin area and will stay on until you peel it off or wash it off with warm water.

Made with the same care as our Noni Fruit Leather, the Noni Bio Bandage helps soothe and rejuvenate distressed skin. The Noni Bio Bandage may be applied as a thick paste to your fingernails and toenails to keep them looking clean and healthy.


Knowing how much noni to take is important. With our Organic Noni Fruit Leather and our Organic Noni Lotions, you can be confident knowing that you’re getting the maximum nutrition and benefit from this potent super fruit!