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My wife Richele and I have been organic farmers for over 40 years, first in California, then here on Kauai. As you can imagine, in that time we’ve tried a lot of organic farming techniques, perfecting some and putting others aside.

Most important to us are the techniques to keep our soil fertile, healthy, and full of nutrients!

Contrary to today’s ethics of interchangeability, commoditization, and globalization, not all produce is created equal. The fruits of two apple trees, even of the same varietal, can have widely different levels of key nutrients, depending on the soil each tree was grown in.

Our family organic noni farm is a self-sustainable operation with its own wells, solar-voltaic systems, and windmills. We practice no-till method of farming and incorporate vermiculture and lots of mulch.

Long before the USDA issued regulations defining organic produce, the noni fruit grown and picked at Hawaiian Organic Noni on Kauai has exceeded these standards. Today the National Organic Program requires that organic farms or orchards refrain from using conventional pesticides, avoid fertilizers made up of synthetic ingredients and sewage, and abstain from the use of ionizing radiation. Organic farms must also be inspected and approved by the appropriate USDA certifier.

Noni fruit has been used traditionally, and increasingly today as a naturopathic healing food. It has been used to help manage sugar levels, reduce pain, and improve mood. Recently, it has been shown in clinical studies to have some tumor reducing properties. The organic farming of is an essential aspect of the growing high potency noni fruit.

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