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The Power of Vitamin C and Noni - Part I

By: Eric Erickson Friday March 14, 2014 comments Tags: raw food noni, raw food, natural antioxidants

Noni Fruit Leather is an amazing natural supplement which is rich in vitamin C. It is produced from organically grown noni on the island of Kauai by Steve Frailey at the Hawaiian Organic Noni family Farm. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that has been a hot topic of research and discussion for decades. As with all vitamins, vitamin C plays a key life sustaining role and should be consumed daily for optimal health. There are four key functions of vitamin C; this article will explore the first, and most understood -- collagen synthesis.

First, a little history to give perspective... Centuries ago, long sea voyages cost the captain at least half his crew. These sailors would first start suffering from general weakness and bleeding gums. Hemorrhages, pinpoint in size, would appear around the hair follicles on the back of the sailors’ legs and arms. They would also suffer from a slow healing of wounds and the reopening of wounds that had been previously healed, bone pain and fractures, as well as diarrhea. No wonder so many were lost at sea, victims of scurvy. It was in 1740 that Dr. James Lind, an Englishman, first proved that the vitamin C deficiency disease killing sailors could be prevented and cured by eating one lemon and two oranges per day. He found consumption of citrus fruit was the key. It took fifty more years for British sailors to be rationed limes in order to prevent scurvy, hence the origin of their nickname -- limeys.

It is vitamin C’s role in the synthesis of the protein collagen that is the most understood function of this vitamin. Collagen is highly concentrated in blood vessels, teeth, bone, tendons, and connective tissue. In collagen, the cross-connections between amino acids (the building blocks of protein) is increased with vitamin C. This increased cross-connection substantially strengthens the structural tissues that it helps to form.

Significant widespread changes in tissue metabolism can be caused by vitamin C deficiency. The majority of scurvy’s symptoms are associated with diminished collagen synthesis, an example of which is the skin. Vitamin C’s critical role in collagen synthesis, the protein that provides your skin its elasticity, makes it a powerful force in dropping years from your face. When collagen breaks down, wrinkles start to form. When targeting a specific area like your face, rather than ingesting vitamin C, studies show that vitamin C can be 20 times more effective if applied directly to the skin. Reduce wrinkles and add years to your face with topical vitamin C. Not only is it possible that Lavender Noni Lotion can add years to your face, but IcyHeat Noni Lotion and IcyHeat Sports Formula are powerful anti-inflammatory agents, created with the vitamin C rich noni fruit, increasing the cross-connection in collagen. These products are available through Steve Frailey and Hawaiian Organic Noni

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