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worm castings

Worm Castings

We have tons of wild worms on our farm, but we also cultivate our own special vermiculture (worm composting) worms. We simply put the worms in a closed environment and let them break down food scraps and other compostables by digesting them.

The “castings” (aka worm poop) that the worms produce as waste is extremely rich in nutrients. We gather the castings and spread them around the farm. "Black gold," another name for these worm castings, makes an amazingly effective fertilizer!

How to Get Started:

You can get inexpensive kits to start your own vermicomposting operation, or you can make your own worm hotel out of plastic bins or other materials. Just Google search for “worm bins.” We recommend Nature's Footprint for a very affordable worm bin.

Basically, all you have to do is give the worms a damp, dark place with lots of compostable materials for them to eat!

Research has shown that one 5 gallon bucket of worm castings will bring back a whole acre of depleted land - that's the potency of worm castings or black gold.  Worms will turn any garbage into this black gold with little attention.  Google search “worm bins” and you will find many ways to easily make worm bins.  Instead of putting your kitchen garbage through the garbage disposal, let your friendly worms turn your garbage into the most dynamite black gold!